IPO San Diego 2015

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Artists From San Diego

Bandalier – Groovy psychedelic-edged indie-rock with nods to orchestral pop is the order of the day with this San Diego sextet! Fans of artists from Pink Floyd to The Beatles to Belle and Sebastian will dig them!
The Bigfellas – Hailed by The San Diego Union Tribune as “The Best Local Band in San Diego”, The Bigfellas are a band of smartasses with original songs like “4:20”, “I Wish That I Were Gay”, and “Adam & Eve & Ted & Alice” among others. The band’s sound is a mélange of The Police and Steely Dan, yet with the oft-goofy approach of Barenaked Ladies. Their live show will blow you away with their genre-jumping musical eclecticism and awesome harmonies, and will have you rolling on the floor laughing at their humor!
Lexington Field – In the vein of Flogging Mollys and Dropkick Murphys, Lexington Field mix high energy punk/rock with a fiddle firmly planted at the epicenter. Check out their brand new album, Greenwood, and their not-to-be-missed live show!
Mayfield – A hard-hitting folk-rock band, Mayfield mix folk and bluegrass roots with their favorite stylings of rock and soul to create a fresh blend worth stomping your feet, or howling at the moon over. Fans of Mumford and Sons, Dave Matthews Band, and The Steeldrivers will want to check out their debut self-titled CD, and watch out for a new release due out soon!
My Revenge – Scorching ‘60s influenced powerpop courtesy of the band led by Hector Penalosa, who has a storied history in this arena, having also fronted bands like Flying Color, The Zeros, and (currently) Baja Bugs!
Steve Rosenbaum – If you like sweet jangly powerpop (and who doesn’t? – whether or not they admit it!), you will LOVE the music of this gent from San Diego! Fans of Big Star, The Raspberries, and The Plimsouls – to name but a few – should check out his song, “First in Class,” on this year’s IPO CD, and come to his live show!
Scott Samuels – A rock ‘n roll survivor from Oceanside with lots of stories to tell. Throughout his life, Samuels’ love for rock ‘n roll’s “hidden treasure,” and his unique ability to recount the quirkiest milestones of life, love and career, has fueled his songwriting and performances, including those at IPO with his band, Roxy Monoxide. Samuels continues to mine the rich history of his musical and personal past and present with the release of his fourth solo CD, Fabulous Reality! Fans of Elvis Costello, The Plimsouls, and The Raspberries should check this one out!
Gayle Skidmore – A born songwriter, Gayle Skidmore has written over 2000 songs since she began songwriting at the age of eight. Named “Best Singer-Songwriter” in the 2013 San Diego Music Awards, Skidmore continually processes her adventures, experiences, thoughts and emotions through music; writing, playing and singing from the depths of her soul. Her song “Paper Box” was featured on the HBO show Looking, and her latest full-length album/coloring book, Sleeping Bear, was nominated for “Best Pop Album” in the 2014 San Diego Music Awards. Definitely a unique and engaging artist!
Suite 100 – Hailing from north San Diego County, Suite 100 is a mix of sing-a-long melodies, lush arrangements, thoughtful lyrics and pure pop sensibilities. Exploring intricate, lavish and sometimes haunting territories, their long-awaited sophomore album, The Only Cure For Gravity, harkens back to the days when you would throw on headphones and listen to an album in its entirety. Seamlessly crafted, each song is led into the next with a vignette that enhances or foreshadows the ensuing track. Eschewing the theory that lush harmonies and arrangements are for critics alone, Suite 100 also backs up their songwriting with an energetic live act that is not to be missed…so don’t miss them at IPO San Diego!
Super Buffet – Inhabiting the nexus of driving garage rock and earnest indie sensibility, Super Buffet evokes a spirited pillow fight between King Kahn and Jonathan Richman while “96 Tears” plays in the background. Super Buffet is about bringing short, sharp, sing-able songs to the masses or whoever shows up. Check out their recent “All This Time” single and their IPO showcase to see and hear for yourself!
True Stories – A classic styled pop group, featuring four music scene veterans: Manual Scan and Shambles main main Bart Mendoza (vocals,guitar) , David Fleminger (keys,vocals, guitar) , Danny Cress (drums) and Orrick Smith (bass). Collectively the members of True Stories have been in every type of combo, from Mod to Country, and this band is the culmination of that experience. Their Mendoza-penned originals range from bluesy keyboard workouts to plaintive ballads, the unifying factor being a real dedication to hook filled songcraft. They are also known to have a lot of fun with a wide range of classic tunes, so don’t be surprised to see them throw a cover or two into their set! Which one(s) will they do??…you’ll have to come to their IPO Showcase to find out!

U.S. Artists From Outside Of San Diego

The Armoires – Hailing from Burbank, and led by duo Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko, The Armoires draw on influences as diverse as ‘60s sunshine pop, new wave and postpunk, classic country and shoegazer dreampop. Their unique harmonies give life to literate and deeply felt tales of love, loss, confusion and joy, and they can be described as everything from a power-pop Gram and Emmylou, a janglier version of X, a new wave Fleetwood Mac, the New Pornographers for the lower 48…to the Postpunk Partridge Family! A debut album is in the works, so watch for it!