IPO Stockholm 2015

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Artists from Stockholm

The Alloy Six – Formed by members of quintessential psychedelic garage rockers, The Moving Sounds and The Fourtune-Tellers, The Alloy Six play rock n’ roll influenced by the late ‘60s and early ‘70s music scene. Fuelled by Hammond organ and 12-string guitar, along with razor sharp distortion, solid drumming and spot-on bass, their sound will be an instant hit with fans of artists such as The Doors, The Electric Prunes, and 13th Floor Elevators!
Cranbury Sauce – IPO is honored to host the first performance in eighteen years (!) by one of the quintessential purveyors of that sweetly orchestrated Swedish pop sound of the late ‘90s and early 2000s! Their Forest Fruit Hill and Circular Songs CDs are difficult to find, but well worth searching out. Cranbuy Sauce is: Thomas Malmgren (Guitar,Vox), Roger Norén (Bass, Vox) Thomas Berg (Guitar,Vox) Lasse Sandberg (Drums) and Kicki Westberg (Keys and vocals). Their sparkling harmonies will shine not only in their own set, but also as they take the stage a second time as the Swedish incarnation of The Jeremy Band (see below)!
The Echo Field – Though the music they create clearly carries the echoes of the ‘60s music scene, it’s been filtered through every decade since! You’ll hear hints of ‘70s prog, plus layers of ‘80s shoegaze, ‘90s grunge and Britpop, and a touch of ‘00s folk-laced alt pop. A band for pop fans of any age!
The Garlands – If you like your twee-pop with frenetic Brit-pop influenced chord changes and hooks that just don’t stop, then look no further than The Garlands! Fans of Go Sailor, Shop Assistants, or many of the Cloudberry Records stable of bands will want to check out their IPO showcase and their self-titled EP!
The Genuine Fakes – When artists other artists look up to heap praise upon a band, you have to sit up and pay attention, and The Genuine Fakes are most certainly deserving of such! “The Genuine Fakes are proof of Sweden’s seemingly inexhaustible font of pop genius. Hitting all the right marks, they walk you thru the major required classes in the school of pop — chime, harmony, sparkle, and melody 101… surely these guys are on their way to being tenured professors in pop’s university.” (Ken Stringfellow, The Posies) You can begin your education with their most recent CD, Liner Notes, and watch out for…that’s right…a new one (co-produced by Jon Auer of The Posies and mixed by Anders Hellgren of The Merrymakers!) to be released soon!
Anders Hanses – A singer/songwriter from the small village of Djarna, Hanses (and his band) offer alt-pop melodies and heartfelt vocals with just the right blend of gentle folk touches and anthemic rock hooks. Their single, “Hell Suburbia,” will leave you wanting to hear more!
Lovely – Lovely was formed in Linköping, Sweden, in the winter of 2006, and that summer their first four songs were recorded for the most part in main-man Jens’s living room. Their influences are planted firmly in the soil of ‘60s pop, with songs reminiscent of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, The Hollies, and Tages (!). Every artist playing IPO Stockholm owes a big thanks to Lovely’s Anders Axelsson, who suggested we bring the festival to Stockholm after their IPO Liverpool show last year at The Cavern, and then helped to make it happen!!
Monte Nour – Imagine that McCartney’s melodicism, Gilbert & Sullivan’s gentle soft pop touch, Johannes Brahms sweeping orchestration, Jon Auer’s chord changes, and David Myhr’s hooks could all be infused into a single band….don’t think it’s possible? Then think again, and come check out Monte Nour for yourself!
One Two DIE Four – Formed by combining the talents of former members of Swedish pop band Becky Sharpe and metal band Centicore, One Two DIE Four create hooky harmony-laced pop-rock with attitude! Their recent album, Another, will appeal to fans of ‘90s-era Swedish pop, Queen, and ELO!
The Plastic Pals – Take the fiery guitars of bands like Television, Flamin’ Groovies and The Dream Syndicate, add a pinch of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground and a dash of magic melodies with a dark edge. Bring to a boil with a soulful and groovy base of drums and bass. Stir well and season to taste with the finest spices from the legacy of rock ‘n roll – from Hank to Hendrix, from Gram to The Long Ryders, from The Beatles to Alex Chilton, from Townes to Paul K, from Coltrane to Television, and the list goes on. There you have the taste and the sound of these guitar slingers from Stockholm. Check out their latest CD, Turn The Tide – Dinner is served – Bon Appetit!
Private Jets – Fans of Jellyfish, The Rubinoos, and Brian Wilson will definitely want to check out Jet Sounds, the debut full length CD by this powerpop quartet. Their songs simply burst with sweet harmonies backed by a driving beat, complemented by quick chord changes and moments of guitar heroics, and their live show is even better than the CD! They’ve released several singles over the past few years, so we’re hoping we won’t have long to wait for another full-length!
Rooni – Stockholm has long been known as the breeding ground of great powerpop bands, and Rooni are no exception! Whether mixed with a touch of modern indie rock or bubblegum/glam circa 1972, they deliver the insanely catchy goods that powerpop fans live for! Check out their IPO showcase and their recent Pilot EP and hear for yourself!
Safari Season – Their sparkling surf pop may make you think they’re from California, but this duo is actually from the sunny shores of Stockholm! Their latest disc, Zideletas In The Sunset, carries the strong melodies and vocal harmonies that have always been their trademark, and adds a soft psychedelic touch! Nice!
Slim Loris – Slim Loris blends Indie Pop/Rock with Americana and a pinch of Swedish melancholy. They “… create beautiful, melodic songs with emotional vocals that address love, inner tranquility and consciousness, and possess a charismatic singer capable of captivating any fan of Indie music”. (mostdef.blogspot.se) Check out their latest release, Future Echoes and Past Replays, and hear for yourself…and keep an eye out for their third full length album, Love and Fear, which should be out just in time for IPO Stockholm!
Top Sound – Their breezy chimey brand of pop has been compared to other classic Swedish pop bands, such as The Cardigans, Red Sleeping Beauty, and Acid House Kings, but their Bossa Nova beats will also appeal to fans of Mates Of State and the like! Check out their debut self- titled CD and their IPO showcase!
Trail Of Feathers – Their debut EP, Love and Theft, has been called “…a melting pot of sounds enveloped in the songs from ‘70s classic rock, blues, pop to soul. The EP merges this range of genres transporting you through the decades, honouring the past and breathing a new lease of life into the mix.” (PureMZine) Their live show promises to be a riff-laden feast for the senses!
Tray Full Of Poppies – Influenced by artists such as The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, etc., Tray Full Of Poppies is a harmony pop duo created to celebrate their mutual love of melodic music. Even more reason to celebrate: they are recording songs for a debut CD, which we are definitely looking forward to hearing!
The Vanjas – The musical love child of a three-way between Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Suzi Quatro, The Vanjas play raucous rock n’ roll with a not-so-subtle nod to R&B. The title of their album, The Vanjas Sings and Plays Rock ‘N’ Roll, says it all!! Get ready to dance, as their live show will leave you satisfied, dazzled and begging for more!
The Virtues – Blending traditions from Americana Pop, Britpop, and classic Swedish pop, The Virtues will appeal to a wide array of pop fans – and have been doing so for quite some time! Their latest CD, Yesteryears, is actually a 10-year retrospective of their impressive career. If you like Teenage Fanclub, Led Zeppelin, Sufjan Stevens, The Shins, Neil Young, and the like, and have not yet had a chance to check out The Virtues, you owe it to yourself to do so…NOW!

Swedish Artists from Outside of Stockholm

The Airwaves – Any band with frequent comparisons to Abba, Blondie, The Bangles, and Fleetwood Mac is bound to catch our attention, and in the case of The Airwaves from Ljungby, we are certainly glad they did!! Their newest album, Release, adds a lighthearted new wave touch that will also appeal to fans of bands such as Martha & The Muffins, Casper & The Cookies, and The Motels – check it out!
The Confusions – The mischievous minds of this six-piece indie band from Sundsvall have yet to experience a dull moment in their twenty plus year long career. The Confusions have done it all, been signed to indie labels and majors, been hailed by the British music press and at the same time rejected by the local papers – toured around the world, had a weird American manager, had a sales flop and then at their next release a MTV hit. They are now a powerful live machine consisting of six good friends with a genuine love for the music they create…and we can’t wait to share that love with them at IPO Stockholm!
The Drowners – They were among the best of the bunch from Sweden at the last IPO they played in Liverpool, so it’s only right that we had them come in from Skelleftehamn to join us for the first ever IPO in their home country! Their latest CD, Muted To a Whisper, is filled to the brim with in-your-face power pop and their version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” outshines the original, believe it or not! Rumor has it they’re at work on a new CD, and we can hardly wait!!
The Men – IPO is proud to welcome this “supergroup,” formed out of four classic Swedish pop-garage bands: The Sinners, The Girls, Thee Expression and Colubrids, who got together in early 2000 to form the ultimate live-band, explosive, stylish, tight, groovy, cool and fun (No shoegazers!) -a band the members themselves would love to see! Their latest album, This Way, gives added depth and clarity to the combination of gritty garage, ‘60s soul and R&B, and three-part harmonies for which they’ve been known from the start!
The Mop Tops – Fans of Rickenbacker-flavored power pop were absolutely floored by Inside, the 1995 disc by this band from Falköping. Since then they’ve appeared on several compilations, and at IPO’s from New York to Liverpool in support of the long-awaited follow-up disc, Ground-Floor Man. None other than Little Steven himself was duly impressed when he caught their appearance at IPO New York, and we are thrilled to have them play IPO Stockholm! Check out their versions of their favorite songs by The Equals or their latest disc, Got To Make Sunday Funky!
Neweva – A melodic pop rock quartet from Värnamo with an emphasis on strong vocals, fusing bits of soul and funk into their songs, drawing comparisons to artists such as Maroon 5 and Coldplay. The release of their latest album, The World As We Know It, has earned them recognition beyond Swedish borders, with airplay on radio stations in various parts of Europe. They are also known for delivering a great live show that you will not want to miss!
The Sympathy – A quintet from Gothenburg, Sweden who wear their musical sympathies proudly on their sleeves! Their music is a fusion of R&B, punk pop, and Farfisa-fueled psychedelic garage that we think fit in just right when they played IPO Liverpool last year at The Cavern, but that we think fits right in at IPO Stockholm at PetSounds as well! Fans of The Animals, The Monkees, The Rolling Stones, and The Ramones will enjoy their Outside Of Town EP!
TOMMY WHO – The latest project led by Tommy Liljegren, one-time main-man of the great ‘90s band Stonecake, so we know we can expect a scintillating combination of classic-rock riffs, powerpop hooks, and psychedelic touches! Fans of The Rolling Stones, George Harrison, and The Byrds, to name but a few, will want to check out their IPO showcase and be on the lookout for a debut album to be released soon!

International Artists

Lannie Flowers Band – Although Flowers and the band hail from the great state of Texas, they’ve done what no other artist in the history of the LA Music Awards has done…namely, taking home four awards in a single year in 2013! His latest CD, New Songs, Old Stories, picks up where his earlier disc, Circles, left off, but rocks even harder! Badfinger-esque in-your-face guitars and vocal harmonies blend with softer shifting harmonies more reminiscent of XTC, but that fans of artists from The Raspberries to The Velvet Underground will be sure to appreciate! We also appreciate that he and his band have played the IPO festival in many cities throughout the world and continue to do so, with no sign of slowing down!
The Jeremy Band – The eponymous band led by one of the most genuine, nicest people on the pop scene, as well as one of the most prolific pop artists around. His gentle, John Lennon-influenced pop is as spiritual as it is melodic, and you can hear this for yourself on all of his CDs. This Michigander and his band can stake their rightful place in the IPO Hall Of Fame! Thomas Malmgren, Roger Norén, and Thomas Berg from Cranbury Sauce (see above), along with Erland Dahlblom on drums, will be joining Jeremy in a special Swedish version of The Jeremy Band, so don’t miss them!
Tommy Lorente – Whether backed by his Biarritz-based band, Le Cavelerie, or armed with just an acoustic guitar (as he will be for IPO Stockholm), Lorente has always worn his love of powerpop and American heartland rock clearly on his sleeve. The songs on his debut album, Un Cruel Manque de Tendresse, will appeal to fans of artists such as Tom Petty, Nick Lowe, Cheap Trick, and Warren Zevon – check it out now!
The Pengwins – A band of buddies (including Lannie Flowers-see above) who had their heyday in Fort Worth, Texas in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, back when powerpop was king! Taking cues from the greats such as Badfinger, Cheap Trick, and The Raspberries, their music is powerpop all the way….and they can still deliver it better than just about anyone, and have come to Stockholm to prove it!!
Edward Rogers – New York-based Rogers comes by his Anglophilia honestly. He spent the first twelve years of his life in Birmingham, England, where his youthful imagination was captured by the booming British music scene. Influences from David Bowie to Iggy Pop, The Kinks, The Left Banke, and The Zombies have permeated his music throughout his career. His fifth (and latest) album, Kaye, “…dedicated to the late, great Kevin Ayers (of Soft Machine fame), and filled with intense, image-laden and melodic songs…is as good as an album can get. …A must.” (Popdose.com)
Surf School Dropouts – Although the water on the coast of Denmark may be a bit cold for surfing, that doesn’t stop this Copenhagen combo from cranking out some of the warmest harmonies around! Influenced by The Beach Boys, Phil Spector and numerous sunshine pop and surf acts, their debut (on 12” vinyl, of course!!) Summer Is A State of Mind, contains harmony-laden songs of sun, fun and love with the occasional dash of melancholia and longing. But devotees and new fans alike will long no longer, as their second album, Second Nature, is now available as a digital download from their Bandcamp!
Dave Rave – He began popping very powerfully indeed a near quarter century ago as part of the legendary Canadian bands Teenage Head and The Shakers, and has often been referred to as “The Canadian Nick Lowe.” In addition to being one of the most entertaining and hardworking powerpoppers around, he’s also been known to display his jazzy side on several collaborations with fellow Canadian singer/songwriter, Mark McCarron. His recent CD, Live With What You Know, was nominated for a Grammy, as was one of its songs, “Anne Marie”!! He’s played nearly every IPO for over four years running (including as many as 50 in a row!), and we look forward to many more. Thank you, Dave!!