IPO Chicago 2016

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Artists From Chicago

The Abbeys – The twang is definitely the thang with these guys! Whether Brit-pop, power pop, rockabilly, or just plain jangle is your cup of tea, they can quench your thirst quite nicely. Check out their latest mp3 CD, Please File Under Twang.
Aethereal – Inspired by such greats as The 13th Floor Elevators, Todd Rundgren, Yes, and The Moody Blues, Aethereal delivers a groovy psychedelic prog rock sound reminiscent of what made the music of the ‘60s so great! Check out their recently released single, Walking Away/Serenity Come Back To Me now! The band features Andrew and Tommy Clark, son of the great Ellis Clark (see below!)
Amazing Heeby Jeebies – Born in the back seat of a ’63 Caddy tearing down Highway 41, this bizarre musical powerhouse is putting a spell on amazed crowds everywhere including the hottest spots in town, various hotrod shows, and other footstompin’ happenings. Best described as “Dixiefried Garagabilly,” their songs draw on various eras and genres from hillbilly, gritty blues, and ‘60s garage punk, deep from the underworld of moody psychotic rock n’ roll! A debut album is in the works, so watch for it!
Phil Angotti – The venerable musician is practically a household name in power pop circles, and especially in his home town of Chicago. Both he and his band The Idea have released a bunch of tremendous CDs, and Phil’s latest effort, Life and Rhymes, proves he just keeps getting better! We were honored to host the debut performance of Material Re-Issue at IPO Chicago in 2011, and Phil Angotti’s lead vocals and guitar channeled the spirit of Jim Ellison as well as it could possibly be done.
The Belvederes – Raised on a healthy diet of Garage Rock, Power Pop, Roots, Red-Hot Rockabilly, Honky-Tonk and Soul, John Ford (lead vocals, guitar), Joe Alonzo (drums, vocals) and Tyler Kock (bass guitar, vocals) came together united in a single mission: make people feel good. They fulfill this mission quite nicely through the incredible gift of Rock n’ Roll: dynamic playing, tight three-part harmonies, dance floor-friendly energy and lots of love can be found in abundance on their recently released album, Beggar’s Heart, and at all of their live shows!
Bertling Noise Laboratories – Don’t let the name fool you…Bertling Noise Laboratories is more than just your average experimental pop band! Essentially the nom de guerre of session drummer/engineer/producer/multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Nick Bertling, the songs on the latest Bertling Noise Laboratories CD, The Flehmen Response, also include Beatles-influenced pop hooks and Ben Folds-style piano pop.
Doug Bobenhouse – Known by many as the lead vocalist behind the great St Louis band, The Sun Sawed In ½, Bobenhouse has made himself a fixture in the Chicago pop scene, lending his sweet vocals to Dad’s Magazine (see below) and multiple other projects. Don’t miss this rare chance to catch him in a solo set…and be sure to check out any of The Sun Sawed in ½’s seven (count ‘em!) excellent albums, available via their bandcamp page!
Bob’s Yer Uncle – Bob’s Yer Uncle plays melodic rock with a bluesy edge featuring harmonies, incorporating an array of eclectic songs with no specific influences. That said, fans of Elvis Costello, The Stone Roses, and Yes are sure to appreciate them. Check out their recently released xplod-i-mite CD!
The Bon Mots – Ya gotta love their name right off the bat, which is French for “witticism”. Their sound is even better, quirky in the strictest pop sense of the word, and sprinkled with influences as diverse as The Zombies, The Chills, and The Rain Parade! Both their debut disc, Le Main Drag, and the follow up, 40 Days & Forty Nights with the Bon Mots, garnered some rave reviews in both the local and national press, and they’ve got a 3rd one in the can, which we can hardly wait to hear! It’s been several years since their last IPO appearance, and we’re thrilled to welcome them back!
Tony Calderisi – A special solo performance by the main man of Telstar, who came most highly recommended by the estimable Mike G of local stalwarts, The Valley Downs. Calderisi and band specialize in a warm combination of power pop and Americana which we’re sure will be just as pleasing in this more intimate solo incarnation!
The Cells – They proudly describe their sound as “high-decibel post-pop with catchy lyrics, big harmonies, and loud, loud guitars,” but that doesn’t take into account their chord changes, which are damned inventive and hooky! Their brand new EP, Blood in the Tracks, features previously lost studio recordings, which we can’t get out of our heads, and can’t wait to hear them play live!!
Ellis Clark & The Big Parade – Long a fixture of the Chicago music scene, Clark released his first LP at the tender age of 19 as a member of local power-punk-pop darlings, Epicycle, and later went on to front Social Act, who received much airplay, toured nationally, and released several albums. With his current band, The Big Parade, Clark once again shows his penchant for penning a catchy pop hook, drawing upon a wide array of classic influences. His latest album, LP Number One, will appeal to fans of The Beatles, Jellyfish, Nick Drake, and 10cc, to name but a few!
Collectors – Hailing from Chicago and led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Michael Mazza, they have been described as “expertly crafted Brit inflected indie rock”. With a vast array of classic British influences ranging from the ‘60s British Invasion to Blur to the Buzzcocks, Mazza’s songs are known to contain very catchy and memorable hooks and the band is known for its energetic live performances.
Cortland – Whether you call it alt-rock, dance-pop, or electro-pop, you will be instantly addicted to the hypnotically layered hooks of Electricity, the brand new single from this local synth pop power trio. Fans of artists from Soft Cell and Duran Duran to Donna Summer and Robert Plant need to check them out!
Dad’s Magazine – A Chicago pop scene super group made up of members from Swinger, The Sun Sawed in ½, The Webstirs, and Dad Factory. You know that with this group you can expect sweet vocals, big choruses, jangly guitars, chunky bass lines and super catchy melodies….and what power pop fan could ask for anything more?!
Larry O. Dean – A Chicago-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, band-leader, poet, journalist, educator, existentialist, and raconteur (and all-around great guy!), who has appeared at past IPO Chicagos in many guises: Whether performing as the main man of his many projects such as The Post Office, The Me Decade, or The Injured Parties, as the host of his monthly “Folk You!” series, or solo – as he will at this year’s IPO – Dean’s songs are filled in equal measure with melody and wry witticism, making him a perennial IPO favorite! Check out Good Grief, his recently released 13th solo CD, and the first since 2001 to feature all new material!
The Evening Attraction – Although even their parents are too young to remember the British Invasion, this group of young guns creates music steeped in that tradition, blended with a thoroughly modern edge! Their Almost Desperate album will appeal to fans of artists from The Zombies and The Animals to The Zutons and Arctic Monkeys, and leave them eagerly wanting more!
Everybody Says Yes – A six-piece soul-pop combo featuring the incredible vocal stylings of Meghan Murphy paired with John Fournier’s original songwriting to create a sound that is at once familiar and yet inspiring. With influences ranging from Dusty Springfield to Otis Redding to Van Morrison, ESY is an irresistible musical force. Check out their self-titled EP, and don’t miss their IPO showcase!
Ferris – A power trio who have coined their own brand of music, called “shark rock” on their debut CD Warapada. Blending influences from The Beatles to The Red Hot Chili Peppers and combining originals with covers from the ‘50s to modern pop in their energetic live shows, their soulful three-part harmonies and clear enjoyment of what they do makes them uniquely memorable!
Fine Subterraneans – Drawing on past projects that include forays into punk, blues, pop, folk, jazz, and funk, the stylistically promiscuous Fine Subterraneans bring you their very own blend of smartly-crafted indie rock. Singer/guitarist Matt Keane and drummer Mike McCulloch weave themes of outrage and fear seamlessly with the pursuit of joy and ecstatic release. You can expect these musicians to cut straight to the heart of the matter with aggressive melodies and clever, jazz-inflected rhythms. Fans of The Pixies, Sparklehorse, and Guided By Voices will dig ‘em!
Jennifer Fletcher & The Reckoning – Fletcher and her band deliver heartfelt heartland pop with a classical edge, combining elements of folk, country, and Americana pop with violin. Their music draws on influences such as Patsy Cline, The Allman Brothers and Miranda Lambert, to name but a few! Check out their recently released single, The Reckoning, available now on Spotify!
Food and Drug – A band fronted by the dynamic duo of Rick Sparks, lead singer of This Magazine is Haunted and member of supergroup Dad’s Magazine (see above), and Kate Burns of the Chicago band, Tuffy UK. Their sparse indie-folk pop style with male-female harmonies and pretty melodies is what The Everly Brothers might sound like if they were operating in today’s indie pop scene…and one of them was a girl!
Freetoed – Freetoed brings to the stage nearly ten years of playing music together around Chicago. With roots influenced by the likes of Wilco and Badly Drawn Boy, their songs climb and fall, peeling back and layering on both the melodic and dissonant. While these qualities are better emphasized nowhere else than at their live show, longtime fans and new converts alike will also want to check out their recently released Bubble Psychology//2//Elliptical Perimeters EP!
Shaun Hoffman – A young Chicagoan specializing in introspective alt-pop in the fine tradition of artists such as Bon Iver and Elliott Smith. His numerous original and cover tunes can be found on YouTube, posted under his “shaunsomething” moniker, but don’t miss him live at his IPO showcase!
horrible/beaut – A dynamic duo who can seamlessly shift from soft and ambient to energetically rocking – whatever the mood of the song requires. Fans of Radiohead, Wilco, and Bob Dylan should check them out!
Liam Kelley – A young artist poised to make a name for himself, Kelley is quickly building up a following of loyal fans in Chicago and beyond. In addition to gigging around town and around the country, he’s been spending quite a bit of time in the studio working on an EP, which promises to be something special if his demos are anything to judge by! This is catchy riff-laden rock with a heavy dose of The Blues – think of a young Eric Clapton with a dash of Jimi Hendrix, and you get the idea!
Kerosene Stars – Their 2014 self-titled CD represents a more fully realized sound and an exciting new direction for the band, which has been together in various formations since 2010. The songs seamlessly blend echoes of the ‘60s, alt-country, and Brit-pop, with occasional tangents into moodier and experimental atmospherics. This is music for the head and for the heart, and the record resonates with a sincerity all too rare in modern music. They’re planning to release a series of brand new EPs every few months in 2016, which fans of Elvis Costello, The Jayhawks, and Dinosaur Jr – to name but a few – will want to watch out for!
King Mixer – Local power pop stalwart Eric Howell is back with his latest project, and we at IPO are glad to have him! Howell’s music has always felt the long shadow of the British Invasion, Motown, and the twang of Americana, which is now blended with the sunny ‘70s of Laurel Canyon and the pangs of Irish melancholy. The debut King Mixer CD, Hang On, has already heaped up some rave reviews for its sound that has been called “equal parts Paul McCartney and Paul Simon backed by R.E.M” (Audities Power pop Fanzine). Check it out now!
Man Called Noon – An eight-piece ensemble whose roots are evident in their melodic mixture of classic Americana and post-grunge pop, rock, and soul. Boisterous guitars, tight bass & drums, combined with alluring backing vocals & keys, all erupt over impassioned soulful lyrics resulting in a distinct and in your face style. Their new album, The Bad Guy, pushes them into a broader musical texture and intricate sound, while retaining the focus on their strong melodies and catchy hooks. Great stuff! We’re pleased that they’ve decided to make their IPO show their LP release!
Sean Michael – IPO audiences may recognize him as the main man from The Queue, who’s fusion of roaring guitars, solid melodies, indelible harmonies, and unforgettable hooks on their Turn It Up, Turn Me On EP made them an instant IPO favorite. As a solo artist, Michael has lost none of his penchant for great pop-rock hooks, but turns it up a notch with some harder edged influences reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails or Offspring and dance beats thrown in for good measure! Watch for his soon to be released debut album, Fire & Lies!
Kurt Michaels Continuum featuring Alain Quinn – Michaels has enjoyed a successful career as a musical contractor and bandleader for well-known legendary rock acts such as Spencer Davis, Joey Molland (Badfinger), Wolfman Jack, Otis Day, The Temptations, The Platters, New Colony Six and many others. Soaring Back To Earth, his third CD with his current collective covers a diverse musical landscape—from early English pop influences to virtual tone poems, with smoky ambient arrangements. Fans of The Beatles, Todd Rundgren, Yes, and Porcupine Tree will want to check it out!
Rich Miller from Waiflike – Miller writes moody music that is catchy and clever and lyrics that are both interesting and intense, as can be heard on Waiflike’s debut CD, Fifty Pence Piece of Mind. The sound will appeal to fans of The Beatles, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and classic Chicago area power pop. He’s been hard at work in the studio with Right Rongly’s Scottish McMillan, recording some new songs, which we can hardly wait to hear!
MTV Ghosts – Their brand new CD, The Five 5ides of Time, is a beautiful mashup of glam, dream pop, experimental pop, orchestral pop and punk that is best described as “dreampunk.” Fans of artists from The Beach Boys to They Might Be Giants, The Flaming Lips, and The Strokes will all find something that resonates with them in the music of this very enigmatic and engaging art pop combo!
Drew Neely & The Heroes – Neely has long been a fan favorite at IPO for his quirky brand of power pop with folk-pop-styled story-teller lyrics, punk pop sensibilities, and sticky hooks. Back with his brand new band, The Heroes, he takes his penchant for intelligent lyrics and catchy melody to a whole ‘nother level! Watch for their forthcoming album, This Could Be You, due out soon!
The Pickpockets – The band’s debut, By The Time We’re Through, contains thirteen tracks where distinctive vocals relate indelible narratives while guitars alternately dignify and rub dirt on the agreeable melodies. The band’s sound is influenced by British and American post-punk and indie music of the ’80s and ’90s, and over the last several years the foursome has displayed its devout allegiance to tunefulness through its vigorous live shows – so be sure to catch their IPO showcase!
Platform 29 – With roots in the Irish music of their parents’ group, The Sullivan Brothers, Platform 29 has taken a more contemporary route, blending their heritage with classic rock influences and modern techniques to create a diverse and dynamic repertoire. Their debut disc, The Road We Walk Down, will appeal to fans of The Grateful Dead, Wilco, and CSNY, and they’re already at work on their second, which will have a more electric sound!
Private Instigators – One of the most unique and engaging bands we’ve encountered in quite a while, Private Instigators deliver irreverent doo-wop with a raucous punk pop twist. Their latest EP, The Case Files of The Private Instigators, will appeal to fans of Little Richard, The Misfits, and The Ramones, and we cannot wait to see them live at IPO! As stated by PunkPop.com, “The high energy antics of the Private Instigators are not to be missed”!
Steve Ramone & The Pensioners – Ramone is a midwest born and bred singer songwriter with a love for all kinds of sounds, and who proudly proclaims on his Soundcloud page that a three minute pop song with a great hook really does the trick…a sentiment with which we at IPO could not agree more, and which is clearly evident on his band’s new Snowballs In The Summer EP! The band also features long-time Midwest powerpop legend Chip Z’nuff on bass, and we’re truly honored that they’ve chosen to make IPO Chicago their debut live performance!
The Red Plastic Buddha – Rising out of the ashes of the mid ‘90s Chicago band Sub Rosa, they’re led by singer/ bass guitarist Tim Ferguson (Hop on Pop, Me Decade), and they’ve developed a sound that blends the best elements of late ‘60s British psychedelia with modern dynamics, alternating between swirling sonic landscapes and catchy, melody driven pop. Their latest CD, Songs For Mara, is a must have for fans of both space rock and pastoral psychedelic pop!
The Red Wigglers – A quirky art-pop-rock combo with horns! Fans of artists such as The B52s, The Talking Heads, or Chicago indie-popsters (and IPO veterans!) Beatnik Turtle should check out their ultra-entertaining live show at IPO!
Rollo Time – The describe themselves as just a bunch of guys who’ve played music together over the years, who finally got together and recorded a bunch of songs. Said songs can be heard on their latest CD, Victims of the Crown, and will rock you out in the classic power pop tradition. Think Mathew Sweet, Cheap Trick, Guided By Voices and XTC all rolled into one, and you get the picture!
The Romeros – IPO is proud to present a rare performance by this quintessential midwestern band singing classic late ‘70s/early ‘80s inspired power pop in the tradition of The Buzzcocks, Raspberries and Cheap Trick, but adding saxophone to create a whole new thing! All four members believe in the power of rock n’ roll, and are, as the title of their debut EP claims, Cooler Than Your Boyfriend!
Rob Schulz Band – IPO audiences may recognize Schulz as one of the main men behind Swinger, but he’s also put out a couple of fine CD’s under his own name. Influences from The Kinks to The Beach Boys to Elvis Costello abound, but he brings his own unique personality and sensibilities to the fore. His work displays a wealth of hook-packed classic power pop that is earnest, tuneful, sincere, dynamic and accessible. Check out his latest, Tragedy and Comedy, and you’ll hear what we mean!
Sex Ritter – Something of a Chicago pop scene super-group, Sex Ritter is Brett Neveu and Rich Sparks singing their hearts out for your bemusement. They are joined by Dag Juhlin, Freda Love Smith, and Jacqueline Schimmel to become a full band. They’ve been keeping the details (and song files) to themselves, but with this group we know we can expect witty lyrics, quirky chord changes, and a whole lotta melody!
Spectators – Drawing inspiration from a wide array of influences (including The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, David Bowie, Earth Wind and Fire, Spacemen 3, and Snoop Dog), they deliver a whirlwind experience of experimental space-rock/dance pop to expand your mind and move your feet. Check out their latest album, Paranoia, and their IPO showcase to see and hear what we mean!
The Spindles – They cover decades of the best power pop music and original music, too… sweet harmonies with jangly, chiming Rickenbacker 12-string and no-nonsense powerhouse drumming – who could ask for anything more?
Too Much Saturn – Classic Midwest power pop served up with loads of crunchy hooks, soaring harmonies, big drums, 12-string bass, swirling keyboards and a liberal mix of crunchy, ambient and jangly guitars. Fans of artists from Cheap Trick to The Gin Blossoms to Fountains of Wayne should sit up and take notice of these guys! Check out their Moving Forward Sideways CD and their brand new Shake Someone single!
The Unswept – Charlie and Ryan O’Brien relocated from sunny Sheffield, UK to a small but tiny apartment in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, where they write and record power pop tunes. With their hook laden songs featuring cowbell, handclaps, and sibling harmonies, we think they fit right in with Chicago’s power pop heritage! Fans of The Monkees, Teenage Fanclub, and The Beach Boys will appreciate their latest album, The Unswept Today! They will also be making the last rare copies of their debut self-titled disc – signed by all the band members – exclusively available at their IPO showcase, so don’t miss it!
Mike Vanderbilt & The Suburban Garage Sound – Vanderbilt has graced many an IPO stage from Chicago to LA as the leader of the super-fun power pop/punk band, The Romeros (see above). He’s back with his latest project that blends his pop-punk heritage with a slice of alt-country which has been compared to the likes of Nick Lowe, Rhett Miller, Ryan Adams, and Paul Westerberg.
The Velvet Cadillacs – The Cadillac is the only car for rock n’ roll. When played with a purpose, rock n’ roll is a lethal combination of power and style – think 1962 caddy convertible with 400 hp roaring from its V8 engine. Dirt road. Sunglasses. Wind in your hair. Radio cranked. Driving faster than you should. You don’t care. Powerful. Cool. Smooth. That’s rock n’ roll…and the Velvet Cadillacs’ Pretty Little Boxes EP embodies the sound that should be playing on said cranked radio!
The Viaducts – The power trio as an art form has a special place in the musical tradition of the Windy City (and IPO!), and The Viaducts carry on that tradition quite nicely indeed! Their debut album, Mission to Destroy, is full of catchy melodies with sing-along choruses punctuated by fuzzy guitars, chunky bass lines, and a frenzied drum beat. Check it out now!
Sam Vicari – The quintessential nerd-rocker, Vicari’s “heartfelt delivery and sunny melodies continue to be anchored by killer power-pop arrangements” (Chicagoist) on his latest album, Giving Up. Fans of artists such as Apples In Stereo and Superchunk should check him out!
The Vinyl Skyway – The creation of singer/songwriters Michael Hayes and Andy Santospago, In late 2012, Hayes and his family left Boston for Chicago; despite the distance, he and Santospago continue to craft new songs together between their two cities. Their influences range from Crowded House to Teenage Fanclub to Wilco, and their two albums rank among the best of those bands. Yes, it’s completely true!
Nathan Wagner – An up and coming young artist from Carol Stream, Illinois who is poised to take the industry by storm with his passionate, introspective, radio-friendly tunes and strong, assured vocals. Check him out online and at his IPO show!
Mark Watson Band – It’s been nearly ten years since their last IPO Chicago appearance, but they’re back, and we’re mighty glad to have ‘em! Their now classic coulda…shoulda…woulda… CD earned rave reviews and international airplay for its modern pop rock sound, full of hooky choruses, big guitars, smart lyrics and a heaping helping of harmonies. They’re back in the studio with a new line up and some new music, featuring bigger guitars and more bite while retaining all the tunefulness of their previous work, and we can hardly wait to hear it!
The Webstirs – A truly great band whose last CD, So Long, was hailed by Not Lame as “one of 2009’s more exciting indie powerpop releases.” “It`s chock full of sunny harmonies and Beatles riffs thrown under a metallic shower of fuzz.” (The Chicagoist) But wait…there’s more…their 1994 debut album has been re-discovered, re-mastered, and re-imagined…with super-deluxe extra tracks, and cheekily titled The Webstirs Re-Present Smirk. If you like ELO, Jellyfish, and Cheap Trick, and The Beach Boys, and don’t yet own these CDs, you will want to seek them out, along with the Webstirs’ latest release, Now You’ve Really Done It!
The Aaron Williams Band – Emerging from the studio (where they’ve been writing and recording with Grammy producer Johnny K), they come to IPO armed with new songs that carry infusions of classic, indie, and punk rock melded into an original sound they are proud to share with the world. Check out their latest single, “Ash,” and watch out for not one, but two, additional releases planned for later this year!
Zapruder Point – Dan Phillips has been writing and recording songs as Zapruder Point for over a decade. Singing simple yet heartfelt songs, he performs both as a solo acoustic act and as a duo with drummer Larry Brown. The latest Zapruder Point disc, Clicks and Whistles, combines the ‘60s folk pop troubadour spirit with modern alt rock and ‘80s college radio rock influences. Cool stuff!
Tommi Zender – Producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Zender plays all the instruments on his latest CD, Will Work For Harmony. We think the title says it all, but if you want a bit more, think Jon Brion, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, and Joni Mitchell all rolled into one! He’s always got a few fun surprises in store for his live shows, so be sure to come see him at his IPO showcase!

U.S. Artists From Outside Chicago

Andy Bopp – One of the most prolific (and eclectic) singer/songwriters around, he has been at the helm of several well-loved Baltimore bands, such as LoveNut and Myracle Brah, and currently performs as a both a solo artist, and as one half of The Modern Ruins, whose recent Three Tracks Off The Four Track EP will appeal to both longtime fans and anyone else who loves quirky Beatle-esque pop with a psychedelic touch! Definitely one of the legends of the power pop scene, and we’re honored to have him at IPO Chicago!
Cabin Essence – The nom de plum of Milwaukee-based singer/songwriter/muti-intrumentalist Nick Maas, Cabin Essence writes and plays sunny pop stuff inspired by influences such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Big Star, The La’s and The Zombies. IPO will be his first show in Chicago, so come out and show him some love!
Certain Stars – Forwarding the melodic sound and power pop of bands such as Superchunk and Big Star, a Certain Stars hook can take up space in your head for days. All members of this Milwaukee combo take on songwriting duties that uniquely add to the whole. Their latest CD, The Great Destroyer, adds a classic album rock feel that’s impossible to resist!
Deco Auto – A Kansas City, MO power trio who describe their music as “too pop for punk/too punk for pop,” but with guitars that alternately buzz and jangle, killer melodies, and sparkling harmonies, we think they fit in perfectly at IPO! Check out their latest album, The Curse of Deco Auto, and their IPO showcase to hear and see them for yourself!
The Jeremy Band – The eponymous band led by one of the most genuine, nicest people on the pop scene, as well as one of the most prolific pop artists around. His gentle, John Lennon-influenced pop is as spiritual as it is melodic, and you can hear this for yourself on all of his CDs. This Michigander and his band can stake their rightful place in the IPO Hall Of Fame!
The Shake-Ups – Combining elements of power-pop, indie-rock and alternative, The Shake-Ups are one of Indianapolis’ most engaging bands! Their songs run the gamut from melodic indie-rock to sun-kissed power-pop, stuffed to the brim with honeyed harmonies, meaty guitar runs, chiming acoustics, and new wave-y keys. The title of their new full length album, Rock Candy, says it all!
Trolley – If you’re looking for a band who really understands the garage pop idiom, look no further than Trolley! Fans of L.A. Explosion-era Last and all things Paisley Underground will dig Trolley – plus, you gotta love a guy who simultaneously sings and chews gum a la John Lennon, as co-lead vocalist Paul Wall does. Their brand new full-length CD, Caught In The Darkness, continues in their tradition of out-doing themselves! Lush orchestration with a touch of ‘60s soft pop influence underlies Trolley’s trademark melodies, harmonies and charging guitars, and makes this album their best yet! One of Milwaukee’s finest!

International Artists

Jupiter In Velvet – American born, and transplanted to the UK, Jupiter In Velvet is a musical journeyman who now calls home wherever he may be at the time. His latest album, Glitter On The Sun, displays a wide array of styles, colors, emotions and sounds that is all tied together into a cohesive effort through Jupiter’s vivid songwriting, his warm and passionate voice, and his unique life perspectives. Likened to “a modern day version of David Bowie or even Paul McCartney” (Loren Sperry – GasHouse Radio.com), this is one artist you will not want to miss!
Dave Rave – He began popping very powerfully indeed a near quarter century ago as part of the legendary Canadian bands Teenage Head and The Shakers, and has often been referred to as “The Canadian Nick Lowe.” In addition to being one of the most entertaining and hardworking powerpoppers around, he’s also been known to display his jazzy side on several collaborations with fellow Canadian singer/songwriter, Mark McCarron. A recent CD, Live With What You Know, was nominated for a Grammy, as was one of its songs, “Anne Marie”, and his latest CD, Sweet American Music, is quite probably his best ever!! From 2010 to 2014 he played 50 IPO festivals in a row (yes, you read that right), and he still plays many of them…and we look forward to many more. Thank you, Dave!!