IPO Phoenix 2016

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Artists From Phoenix

The Bittersweet Way – The pet project of lead singer Jedidiah Foster, The Bittersweet Way has had a cast of rotating characters and players since its inception in 1997. Their latest EP, Songs We Want To Sing, combines the intensity and dreaminess of the early ‘90s shoegaze movement with sparkling pop melodies. Check it out, along with their rather extensive back-catalog!
Cait Brennan – A singer-songwriter with a unique brand of glitter glam soulful rock n’ roll sung straight from the heart. Plus, you gotta love anyone who can channel Roy Orbison, Elton John, Freddy Mercury, John Lennon, and Etta James in the space of a single set! Her recently released Debutante album has been shooting up the Amazon singer/songwriter charts, and has some critics already naming it as a contender for album of the year…check it out for yourself to hear why!
Darkness Dear Boy – An alternative rock band who takes diversity to a whole new level, Darkness Dear Boy (also known as DDB) offers a wide range of addictive sounds, mixing reggae, punk, and even honky tonk on their recent album, Cagey Avoidance of a Definite Answer! While DDB can sometimes be powerful and intense, they are also big on dynamic hooks and harmonies, so they fit right in at IPO, and we’re glad to have ‘em!
Lemon Krayola – Fans of No Doubt, Blondie, Zero Zero and other bands featuring super sticky pop hooks and a powerhouse female lead singer will be surely appreciate Lemon Krayola, who follow in similar tradition. With over 1,500 shows under their belt since the ‘90s, they’re at it again! Check out their latest EP, The First Time, and their IPO showcase!
Lo-Fi-Hi – The newest project fronted by Naked Chollas guitarist, Daren Sweet, Lo-Fi-Hi melds their love of bands such as Fountains of Wayne and The Smithereens, but are also influenced by The Beat, The Plimsouls, and many late ‘70s early ‘80s power pop bands. They made their debut at last year’s IPO Phoenix, and have been having a blast sharing their music with the masses ever since! We can’t wait to see them again!
Ed Masley (of The Breakup Society) – If you like Elvis Costello, The Replacements, The Beatles, or Cheap Trick (and what self-respecting power pop fan doesn’t ?!), then you will love The Breakup Society! Their latest album, So Much Unhappiness, So Little Time…, will appeal to long-time fans and new converts alike. IPO is proud to present a solo showcase by the main man of one of the Phoenix area’s most respected power pop bands!
Carol Pacey and The Honey Shakers – Originally from the East Coast, Pacey moved out west and became enamored with what Arizona and Mexico had to offer. Her uncommonly upbeat songs blend Americana’s mix of folk, alt-country and rock and roll, with a touch of the desert rock style of her adopted home. She brings it all to her shows with enthusiasm, ease and pure joy, so come check her out now, and while there, pick up a copy of the band’s album, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
Please – A power trio who play “real” rock n’ roll the way it used to be! Their self-titled EP has got it all: a bit of jangle, some searing guitars, a driving backbeat, and dreamy yet gritty vocals! If you like classic British Invasion bands such as The Who, The Yardbirds or The Kinks, this is one you will not want to miss!

U.S. Artists From Outside of Phoenix

The Armoires – Hailing from Burbank, CA, and led by duo Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko, The Armoires draw on influences as diverse as ‘60s sunshine pop, new wave and postpunk, classic country and shoegazer dreampop. Their unique harmonies give life to literate and deeply felt tales of love, loss, confusion and joy, and they can be described as everything from a power-pop Gram and Emmylou, a janglier version of X, a new wave Fleetwood Mac, the New Pornographers for the lower 48…to the Postpunk Partridge Family! Their debut album, Incidental Lightshow, will be released later this Spring, so watch for it!
Tommi Zender – Chicago-based (but locally grown!) producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Zender plays all the instruments on his latest CD, Will Work For Harmony. We think the title says it all, but if you want a bit more, think Jon Brion, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, and Joni Mitchell all rolled into one! He’s always got a few fun surprises in store for his live shows, so come out for this rare homecoming performance!