IPO Phoenix 2017

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Artists From Phoenix

Cait Brennan – A singer-songwriter with a unique brand of glitter glam soulful rock n’ roll sung straight from the heart. Plus, you gotta love anyone who can channel Roy Orbison, Elton John, Freddy Mercury, John Lennon, and Etta James in the space of a single set! Her new album, Third, the follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed Debutante, was recorded at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, and is due out next month on Omnivore Records…watch for it!
Casey James Brooks – A unique mix of folk, alt. country, rock, pop & gospel, Brooks’ debut album, A Lifetime of Bad Decisions, is filled with simple catchy four-chord songs about life, love, loss and hope. Fans of artists from Jack Johnson to Garth Brooks to Jason Falkner will dig it!
Cheap Hotels – Inspired by groups like The Libertines and The Velvet Underground, the band records warm, organic lo-fi rock songs in bedrooms and living rooms. Their recently released Long Summer EP has been called a “…little three song gem…[and]…one of the best of the season…the entire thing is like a blast of pure sunshine in your ears.” (Mitchell Hillman, Phoenix New Times) Check it out now!
Don’t Tell Mom – Students of the Scottsdale School of Rock, the members of this quartet range in age from only 11 through 15, but they’ve already built quite a name for themselves, with past performances at local events such as Salt River Fields Food Truck Festival and Halloween Spooktacular, the 2014 and 2015 Tempe Town Lake 4th of July Spectacular, The Bite of Arizona, and Alice Cooperstown, and were even recently featured in a story on CBS News 5! Their style is a combination of retro rock, surf, and blues inspired by the likes of The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Stray Cats, and Dick Dale. Come check out the next generation of rock!
Dreams and Doorways – Born from the ashes of Until Further Notice, Dreams and Doorways specialize in a genre-blending sound known as Vibe Rock. Their recent EPs, Act 1, and Act 2, contain catchy hook-filled songs with elements of everything from soulful pop to jazz to progressive rock, and a bit of ska and latin rhythms thrown in for fun! We can’t wait to see these guys do their thing live!
Foresteater – Essentially the moniker and live band of Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Mikey Pro, Foresteater was created in 2015 after a dream he had about “a band playing on an island in outer-space surrounded by electric rainbows.” The songs on Foresteater’s debut EP, Nightlife of the Exploding Heads, can be described as melodramatic with psychedelic harmonies under catchy melodies. Their recently released single, Big Deceiver, follows in similar vein, while adding a touch of easy breezy alt rock…check it out!
Fourbanger – Taking shape in the afterglow of the ‘90s punk rock revival, being influenced by bands like Strung Out, 88 Fingers Louie, Lagwagon, and No Use for a Name, Fourbanger describe their music as “powerful pop-punk baked like a casserole of tasty riffs and harmonious vocals in the unflinching heat of Mesa, Arizona”. After a bit of time off to chase other pursuits, they’re back – a little wiser, and a little grayer – but no less ready to rock! Listen to their recent singles, Arizona Screaming and Calling Out, and come to their IPO showcase to hear and see what we mean!
The Naked Chollas – If you long for the heyday of a real band that plays real instruments that can sing and actually have melody and some killer harmonies then you need to listen no further then The Naked Chollas. Their critically acclaimed 1998 Let’s Go! CD is considered by many to be a desert powerpop classic, and although they no longer play very often, when they do, they can still do it better than just about anyone! Their IPO showcase will be their 20th anniversary reunion spectacular, so you will not want to miss it!
Carol Pacey and The Honey Shakers – Originally from the East Coast, Pacey moved out west and became enamored with what Arizona and Mexico had to offer. Her uncommonly upbeat songs blend Americana’s mix of folk, alt-country and rock ‘n roll, with a touch of the desert rock style of her adopted home. She brings it all to her shows with enthusiasm, ease and pure joy, so come check her out now, and while there, pick up a copy of the band’s latest album, Eyes On The Prize!
The Redemptions – With influences ranging from Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash to The Beatles, The Buzzcocks, Green Day, and The Ramones, The Redemptions put a fresh take on classic ‘50s style pop, blending it with whimsical Britpop touches and punk-pop energy. Their Broken Hearts And Shattered Glass EP and recent single, The Worst. Summer. Ever., speak to their simple, yet passionate writing style, with heartfelt songs that anyone who’s felt alone, confused, or broken hearted can relate to. They’ve been dropping some hints on their Facebook page that some new songs will be unveiled at their IPO showcase, and we can hardly wait to hear them!
School of Rock Sugar Skulls – Representing the East Valley Schools of Rock, this combo of young artists aged 11 through 17, play a wide variety of styles ranging from classic rock through punk-pop to modern rock. You never know what to expect with these guys (and gals), since it could be anything from The Beatles or Adele to Black Sabbath or Green Day…but one thing for sure is that it’s gonna be fun!

U.S. Artists From Outside of Phoenix

The Armoires – Hailing from Burbank, CA, and led by duo Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko, The Armoires draw on influences as diverse as ‘60s sunshine pop, new wave and post punk, classic country and shoegazer dreampop. Their unique harmonies give life to literate and deeply felt tales of love, loss, confusion and joy, and they can be described as everything from a power pop Gram and Emmylou, a janglier version of X, a new wave Fleetwood Mac, the New Pornographers for the lower 48…to the Post punk Partridge Family! Their debut album, Incidental Lightshow, was released last year on Cait Brennan’s (see above) Black Market Glamour label to rave reviews, and we can’t wait to see and hear what they’ll do next! They’ve become a part of the IPO family, having played the festival in several cities, including Liverpool, UK at The World Famous Cavern Club!