IPO Volume 3 Track Listing

Disc 1

1. California Sex Lawyer-Fountains Of Wayne
2. All Of Our Crimes-Headset
3. Pleasant Valley Sunday-Nice Guy Eddie
4. Real Nice Time-Sparklejets UK
5. What She Needs-Supremium
6. The Last Rose Of Summer-Blue Cartoon
7. Battle Song-Adam Daniel
8. Time Warp-The Rosenbergs
9. Annie-Chewy Marble
10.Everything Between-The Nerk Twins
11.Tea & Apathy-Spinning Jennies
13.Blithering Heights-KC Bowman
14.Diamond Mine-Mark Johnson and the Wild Alligators
15.Falling Out-The Andersons
16.Serendipic Wheel-Cloud Eleven
17.Never Give Up-David Houston
18.Jade-The Waking Hours
19.For…The Time Being-Cosmo Topper
20.Billy-Quinton Flynn
21.I Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight-The Retros
22.Mark Turmell-Dan Bryk


Disc 2

1. Let’s Start-The Masticators
2. All Day, All Night-The Oranges
3. How Do You Know?-Ray Paul
4. Probleme Romantique-The See Saw
5. Future Move-The Grip Weeds
6. Say Hello To Another Goodbye-Linus Of Hollywood
7. Peephole Queen-Wendie Colter
8. Ordinary Mary-Supermint
9. Till We Meet Again-the dons
10.Rocketship-Ed James
11.Here We Go Now-Jeremy
12.Boys Can Be Dumb-Big Hello
13.I Can Only-Shane Faubert
14.Being Colin Blunstone-Phil Angotti & The Idea
15.(She’s A) Tasty Freeze-John McMullan
16.(They’ve Got The) Thermostat-Wayne Resnick’s Trigger Finger
17.(It’s Gonna Be A) Good Night-Adam Leland
18.The Sweetest Boy-Million Yen
19.Everykind-Kickstand USA
20.Bittersweet Day-The Jellybricks
21.Emperor’s New Clothes-Daver
22.You’ve Got A Hold On Me Now-The Now People