Bash On Pop: David Bash’s Favorite Albums of 2014

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re doing well. I thought I would make my first Bash On Pop column of 2015 a list of my favorite albums of 2014. I’ve decided to make Bash On Pop a monthly thing; beginning in February the columns will be news regarding what’s happening in pop music, including recaps of various IPO festivals,and/or reviews of new releases/reissues. Until next month, enjoy this recap of 2014!

As is my usual custom, I’ve broken my lists into several categories, as I’m just not comfortable ranking unlike entities on one list.

Those marked with an * are vinyl-only releases.

Contemporary Categories

I. Top 125 Albums

Disclaimer alert: I heard A LOT of fine albums this year, too many to keep my list at the usual 100, but even paring it down to 125 was a daunting task. If your album doesn’t appear on this list, please trust me when I say that it in no way means I didn’t think it was good, so please don’t be hurt (assuming you even care what I think) if your album isn’t listed here (or, for that matter, if it received a lower ranking than you were hoping for/expecting). There were at least 50 more albums I could have included and still felt as if I enjoyed listening to everything on the list, but I wanted to keep it at no more than 125 so as not to overwhelm; with all the other lists I have here, there’s enough sensory overload happening!

There may be a handful of albums on this list which appear to be from 2013, or in fact were “released” at the tail end of last year. As anal as I am about my lists and about the year in which releases should be placed, I also try to be sensible about it and take into account the fact that one needs a bit of lag time to become aware of several releases, especially those indie releases which take up most of my list. If you have any complaints about this, please keep them to yourself-I’ve heard ‘em all. 😉

Lastly, I did not include download-only releases on any of my lists. I know this might seem a bit churlish, but there’s something about download-only releases that just doesn’t quite seem “legitimate” to me. Don’t get me wrong: while I like several of those I heard in 2014, and even love some of them, I’m still old school and still believe in physical product. Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against download releases, but I believe that there should also be options to obtain physical product. Yes, I understand that printing up CDs and (especially) vinyl is costly, but these days it really is doable for every band because manufacturing houses are all willing to do limited runs of product, particularly CDs, so that a band can do as few as 100, which should be easy to sell out of at shows, via boutique sites like Kool Kat and Jam, CD Baby, etc…I am very troubled by the possibility (some might say inevitability) of the CD going by way of the dinosaur, but I feel like I need to do my part, as little as that might be, to keep them alive. I will say I am encouraged by the number of bands who did release physical product in 2014, so hopefully all will continue to be well with the world. Note: if any download-only releases I’ve heard see physical release in a future year, they will be eligible for ranking in that year. There you are, bands: a little incentive to keep the physical release alive and well.

Ok, without further ado, here you go!

1. Spirit Kid-Is Happening (EZ Beats)

2. Linus Of Hollywood-Something Good (Magic Beach)

3. The See See-Once, Forever and Again (Dell’Orso)

4. The Paul & John-Inner Sunset (Mystery Lawn)

5. Mothboxer-Sand and The Rain (Self-Released)

6. The Bobbleheads-Make Yourself Happy (Poppop)

7. The Wicked Whispers-Maps Of The Mystic (Electone)

8. Temples-Sun Structures (Fat Possum)

9. The Dowling Poole-Bleak Strategies (Sugarbush)

10. The Jigsaw Seen-Old Man Reverb (Vibro-Phonic)

11. Jimmy Haber-New Bondi Hippies (Bad Sun)

12. Mark & The Clouds-Blue Skies Opening (Mega Dodo)

13. The Hazey Janes-Language Of Faint Theory (Self-Released)

14. Balduin-All In A Dream (Sunstone)

15. Secret Colours-Positive Distractions (Self-Released)

16. The Hot Place-The Language Of Birds (No Big Wheel)*

17. The Solicitors-Blank Check (Popboomerang)

18. The Maharajas-Yesterday Always Knew (Low Impact)

19. The Len Price 3-Nobody Knows (JLM Recordings)

20. Groovy Uncle-Persuaded (Trouserphonic)

21. The Well Wishers-A Shattering Sky (That Was My Skull)

22. Aerial-Why Don’t They Teach Heartbreak At School? (Kool Kat)

23. The Tearaways-The Earle Mankey Sessions Vol. 7 (Robo)

24. Graham Alexander-Repeat Deceiver (Victor Talking Machine)

25. The New Pornographers-Brill Bruisers (Matador)

26. El Inquieto Roque-3D (Rock Indiana)

27. Adrian Bourgeois-Pop/Art (Self-Released)

28. The Kik-2 (Excelsior)

29. Phongraph-Volume 1 (Big Red/Kool Kat)

30. Side Effects-A Walk In The Space Between Us (Sony Sweden)

31. Jim Noir-Finnish Line (Self-Released)

32. Phil Ajjarapu-Sing Along Until You Feel Better (Self-Released)*

33. The Shakers-A Whole Lotta Shakers! (Soundflat)*

34. The Primitives-Spin-O-Rama (Elefant)

35. The Sharp Things-Adventurer’s Inn (Dive)

36. Instant Flight-Around The Gates Of Morning (Rock-n-Rave)

37. The Pearlfishers-Open Up Your Colouring Book (Marina)

38. Rob Bonfiglio-Freeway (Self-Released)

39. Rick Hromadka-Trippin’ Dinosaurs (SodaStar)

40. The Legal Matters-The Legal Matters (Futureman)

41. Dana Countryman-Pop 2! (Sterling Swan)

42. The Mayflowers-Ship Of Theseus (Rooster)

43. Yorktown Lads-Songs About Girls and Other Disasters (Crab Apple)

44. Tommy Lorente-Un Cruel Manque De Tendresse (Yaourt Productions)

45. Cocktail Slippers-People Talk (Wicked Cool)

46. The Flight Reaction-The Flight Reaction (13 O’Clock)*

47. Silver Sun-A Lick and A Promise (Rallye)

48. Paul Starling-Suit Of Armon (Self-Released)

49. Secret Powers-6 (Self-Released)

50. Coke Belda-Coke Belda I (Rock Indiana)

51. Garfield’s Birthday-You Are Here (Pink Hedgehog)

52. The Tearaways-The Earle Mankey Sessions Volume IV (Robo)

53. Marshall Holland and The Etceteras-Marshall Holland and The Etceteras (Self-Released)

54. Latvian Radio-For Love & Spite (Belpid)

55. The New Piccadillys-Introducing… (Soundflat)

56. The Hangabouts-Illustrated Bird (Suburban HiFi/Futureman)

57. The Fast Camels-Dead Rooms and Butterfly Dreams (Self-Released)

58. Twins-Tomboys On Parade (Maximum Ames)

59. Hidden Masters-Of This & Other Worlds (Rise Above)

60. Schnauser-Protein For Everyone (Cherry Red)

61. Paul Collins-Feel The Noise (Alive)

62. Three Minute Tease-Bite The Hand (Idiot)

63. Dropkick-Homeward (Taylor)

64. The Blood Rush Hour-And Then…The Unthinkable Happened… (Nicola)

65. Bubblegum Orchestra-Beyond Time (Out Of This World)

66. Roto’s Magic Act-Into The Unknown (Volumnia)

67. Valley Lodge-Use Your Weapons (Power Pop Academy)

68. Shake Some Action-Catch The Sun (Sattelite 451)

69. The Rubinoos-45 (Self-Released)

70. The Yearning-Dreamboats & Lemonade (Elefant)

71. Sugar Stems-Only Come Out At Night (Dirtnap)

72. Soft Hearted Scientists-The Slow Cyclone (The Hip Replacement)

73. The Breakdowns-Rock-n-Rollerskates (Rock Indiana)

74. SMASH Fashion-Big Cat Love (Electric Pudding)

75. Dave Caruso-Cardboard Vegas Roundabout (Self-Released)

76. The Galileo 7-False Memory Lane (Fool’s Paradise)

77. Dr. Cosmo’s Tab Lab-Present Ever Evolving Lounge (Self-Released)

78. The Sha La Las-Feelin’ Real (Detour)

79. The Jeremy Band-All Over The World (JAM Recordings)

80. Richie Parsons-Honey and Tears (Lawless)

81. Monogroove-Echoes In The Grass (EMF)

82. The Carousels-Love Changes Like The Season (Sugarbush/North Star)

83. Diego Clare-Diegesis (Self-Released)

84. American Suitcase-Lighthours (Self-Released)

85. Fernando Perdomo-Warm (Self-Released)

86. We Are Catchers-We Are Catchers (Domino)

87. Fauna Flora-Fauna Flora (Lucky)

88. New Electric Ride-Balloon Age (Beyond)

89. Scott Brookman-Smellicopter (Self-Released)

90. The Singles-Look How Fast A Heart Can Break (Sound Artifacts)

91. The Tangerines-Turn On The Light (Self-Released)

92.Vicente Prats-Vicente Prats (Pretty Olivia)*

93. The Cry!-Dangerous Game (SP)

94. Ashbury Keys-Do You Know Who You Are (Self-Released)*

95. The Jellybricks-Youngstown Tune Up (Pop Detective)

96. Muscle Souls-Mark On The World (Self-Released)

97. The Housekeeping Society-Songs From The Orange Dog (Self-Released)

98. Elephant Stone-The Three Poisons (Hidden Pony)

99. The Ugly Beats-Brand New Day (Get Hip)

100. The Airwaves-Release (Self-Released)

101. Deadbeat Poets-Hallelujah Anyway (Pop Detective)

102. The Muffs-Whoop Dee Doo (Burger)

103. Casper & The Cookies-Dingbats (Stuff)*

104. The White Kites-Missing (Self-Released)

105. Monkeeman-Lo Fi Against Low Lifes (Rookie)

106. The Successful Failures-Captains Of Industry, Captains Of War (FDR)

107. The Sugar Clouds-Partners Don’t Do That… (Wax Splat)

108. Bob Mould-Beauty & Ruin (Merge)

109. Outrageous Cherry-The Digital Age (Burger)

110. The Soulphonics-Heart Full Of Soulphonics (Scratched)

111. Gail George-The Barrio Sessions With Early Times (Self-Released)

112. The Britannicas-High Tea (JAM)

113. Willow Willow-Listening To Music (Self-Released)

114. Graham Brown Band-Give & Take (Stomp)

115. Burning Ferns-See Saw Seen (Country Mile)

116. Craig Bartock-The Finer Points Of Instinct Volume 2 (Self-Released)

117. Jeremy Messersmith-Heart Murmurs (Self-Released)

118. The Electric Mess-House On Fire (Soundflat)

119. Vinyl Floor-Vaudeville (Karmanian)

120. Rich Restaino-Lonely In A Crowd (Madhouse!)

121. Teenage Casket Company-Still Standing (Trash Pit)

122. The Wands-The Wands (Get Your Ass To Mars)

123. Warm Morning Brothers-Stolen Beauty (Other Eyes)

124. Jason Berk-Come Home (Self-Released)

125. Deena-Rock River (Verbena)

II. Top 5 EPs

I’m not a big fan of EPs, as they always seem to leave me wanting more. For this reason, I never seek them out the way I do full-length albums, and 2014 was no exception. A few of them came my way, regardless, and I will list those I particularly enjoyed.

1. Cliff Hillis-Song Machine (Tallboy)

2. Kylie Hughes-Calipopicana (Shrimp Toast)

3. Sonny Lee & The Layovers-Tell The Tales (Pouting Angel)

4. The 286-EP (Self-Released)

5. Richard DuBois-Where Does The Time Go? (Self-Released)

III. Top 4 Live Albums

1. Ben Jones and The Rifle Volunteers-Shangri Live (Self-Released)

2. The Nines-Nine Lives (Self-Released)

3. Lannie Flowers-Live In NYC (SypderPop)

4. Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band-You May Never Hear Surf Music Again! Vol. 1 and 2 (Karma Frog)

IV. Top 3 Compilations-Single Artist

1. Pugwash-A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds (Omnivore)

2. The See See-Days, Nights & Late Morning Light (Sundazed)

3. Baby Scream-Greatest Failures (Eternal Sunday)

V. Top 5 Compilations-Various Artists

1. International Pop Overthrow Vol. 17 (Pop Geek Heaven)

2. Power Pop Planet, Volume Three (Pop Geek Heaven)

3. Power Pop Planet, Volume Four (Pop Geek Heaven)

4. Pop Parade Cuatro (Rock Indiana)

5. Pop Parade-5 (Rock Indiana)

VI. Top 5 Tribute Discs

1. The Mop Tops-Got To Make Sunday Funky: The Mop Tops Plays The Equals (Sound Asleep)

2. Here Comes The Reign Again: The Second British Invasion (Curry Cuts)

3. Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band-Super Hits Of The 70’s Vol. 1 and 2 (Karma Frog)

4. Twilley Won’t Mind-Dwight Twilley Band Tribute (Zero Hour)

5. Soft News-Used Melodies (Mother West)

VII. 2015 Releases I’ve Heard And Like (In Alphabetical Order)

Note: some of these have been available for download in 2014, but a little birdie told me that these will be released as physical product in 2015…so that’s why they’re in this category. I’m always going to favor physical product, and so if there’s a physical release, that’s the year in which they will be ranked.
The Belltower-Day Breakaway

The Cool Whips-Goodies

Robbie Gennet-Green Tea & Blueberry Pie

Taylor Locke-Time Stands Still

Steve Thompson & The Incidents-Steve Thompson & The Incidents

The Wind-Re Wind

Butch Young-Mercury Man

Reissue Categories

For this section, at least one of the following criteria must be met for the album to qualify:

a. those that are on CD for the first time

b. those that had been previously issued, but are now out of print or difficult to find

c. those in whose current issue have lots of bonus tracks, or some other unique feature

d. those reissued on LP where they never had been

e. those which were previously unreleased but are “old” enough to where they should be considered reissues.

A CD or LP which contains exclusively previously unreleased material which is not from current times is still considered a “reissue” in my ranking structure.

With the above in mind, while quality is the major factor in determining the rankings, other factors such as number and type of bonus tracks, liner notes, sound quality, etc…do come into play. So, if you see a classic album ranking lower than one with less of a rep (or one you know I like a bit less), it’s because of the other factors.

I. Top 60 Proper Albums

1. Todd Rundgren-Something/Anything (Edsel)

2. XTC-Skylarking: Corrected Polarity Edition (Ape House)

3. Cast-All Change: Deluxe (Edsel)

4. The Posies-Failure (Omnivore)

5. Small Faces-There Are But Four Small Faces: Deluxe (Charly)

6. The Idle Race-The Birthday Party (Parlophone)*

7. The Moody Blues-The Magnificent Moodies: Official 50th Anniversary Two CD Edition (Esoteric)

8. Abba-Waterloo: Deluxe (Polar/Universal)

9. XTC-Drums And Wires: The Surround Sound Series (Ape House)

10. Sneakers-Sneakers (Omnivore)*

11. Mascots-Ellpee (Expanded Edition (RPM)

12. The Matchmakers-Bubblegum A Go Go: Expanded Edition (RPM)

13. Todd Rundgren-Hermit Of Mink Hollow (Edsel)

14. The American Breed-Pumpkin, Powder, Scarlet amp; Green (Universal Japan)

15. Jimmer Glynn & Alan Rackin-Past, Present and Future (Vapeur Mauve)*

16. The Swinging Blue Jeans-Don’t Make Me Over (Parlophone)

17. The Cryan’ Shames-A Scratch In The Sky (Now Sounds)

18. Big Star-#1 Record (Concord Music)

19. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-Make It Happen (Universal Japan)

20. White Plains-My Baby Loves Lovin’ (Universal Japan)

21. Big Star-Radio City (Concord Music)

22. Herman’s Hermits-Blaze (Parlophone)

23. The Critters-Younger Girl (Universal Japan)

24. The Grass Roots-Lovin’ Things (Universal Japan)

25. Edwin Starr-Soulmaster (Universal Japan)

26. The Love Generatation-Montage (Universal Japan)

27. Randy Newman-Randy Newman: Record Store Day Edition (Reprise)

28. Supertramp-Crime Of The Century: Deluxe (Universal)

29. Lesley Gore-Girl Talk (Ace)

30. The Chi Lites-Give It Away (Solid)

31. Todd Rundgren-A Wizard, A True Star (Edsel)

32. The Cryan’ Shames-Sugar & Spice (Now Sounds)

33. Culpepper’s Orchard-Culpepper’s Orchard (Shadok’s Music)

34. Status Quo-Piledriver: Deluxe (Universal)

35. The Kinks-Muswell Hillbillies: Deluxe (RCA/Legacy)

36. T Rex-T Rex: Deluxe (Universal)

37. 10cc-Windows In The Jungle (Universal)

38. Mascots-Your Mascots: Expanded Edition (RPM)

39. The Eighth Day-On The Eighth Day (Universal Japan)

40. Peter & Gordon-Hot Cold & Custard (Parlophone)

41. Herman’s Hermits-There’s A Kind Of Hush All Over The World (Parlophone)

42. Todd Rundgren-Runt/The Alternate Runt (Edsel)

43. Game Theory-Dead Center (Omnivore)

44. Andy Pratt-Records Are Like Life (Classic Music Vault)

45. The Jayhawks-Smile (Universal)

46. TV Eyes-TV Eyes (Omnivore)

47. The Four Tops-Reach Out (Universal)

48. Cyndi Lauper-She’s So Unusual: A 30th Anniversary Celebration (Legacy)

49. The Orgone Box-Centaur (Sugarbush/Kool Kat)

50. Paul Parrish-The Forest Of My Mind (Now Sounds)

51. Hot Knives-Hot Knives (Got Kinda Lost)*

52. Roy Orbison-Mystery Girl: Deluxe (Legacy)

53. Thomas Edisun’s Electric Lightbulb Band-The Red Day Album (Gear Fab)

54. Bob Mould-Workbook 25 (Omnivore)

55. Chris Montez-The More I See You/Call Me (Universal Japan)

56. Toomorrow-Tomorrow: Original Soundtrack (Real Gone)

57. The American Breed-Lovely Side Of The City (Universal Japan)

58. Game Theory-Blaze Of Glory (Omnivore)

59. Lighthouse-Piecing It All Together (Beatball)

60. Fanny-Charity Ball: Expanded Edition (Real Gone)

II. Top 6 Two-Fers, Three-Fers, and Four-Fers,: Proper Albums

1. The Kinks-Lola vs. Powerman and The Moneyground/Percy: Deluxe Edition (Sanctuary)

2. The Cleaners From Venus-Living With Victoria Grey/Number Thirteen/My Back Wages/Extra Wages (Captured Tracks)

3. The Main Ingredient-L.T.D./Black Seeds (Real Gone)

3. The Shirelles-Happy and In Love/Shirelles (Real Gone)

4. The Five Stairsteps-Our Family Portait/Stairsteps (Real Gone)

5. Smith-A Group Called Smith/Minus-Plus (Real Gone)

III. Top 25 Compilations, Single Artist

1. The Hollies-Greatest + Singles Vol. 1 (Parlophone Japan)

2. Eric Carmen-The Essential Eric Carmen (Arista/Legacy)

3. The Who-Hits 50!: Two CD Deluxe Edition (Universal)

4. The Grass Roots-The Complete Original Dunhill/ABC Hit Singles (Real Gone)

5. Powder-Ka Pow!: An Explosive Collection 1967-68 (Big Beat)

6. The Hollies-Greatest + Singles Vol. 2 (Parlophone Japan)

7. Stories-Stories Untold: The Very Best Of (Real Gone)

8. Family Dogg-A Way Of Life: Anthology 1967-1976 (RPM)

9. The Shivvers-The Shivvers (Sing-Sing)*

10. Spanky And Our Gang-The Complete Mercury Singles (Real Gone)

11. The Direct Hits-Here, There, or Anywhere: 23 Mod Pop Classics 1982-1986 (Cherry Red)

12. The Shanes-Let Them Show You: The Anthology 1964-1967 (RPM)

13. The Artwoods-Steady Gettin’ It: The Complete Recordings 1964-67 (RPM)

14. Ronnie Dyson-Lady In Red: The Columbia Sides Plus (SoulMusic)

15. Rachel Sweet-Baby: The Complete Stiff Recordings 1978-1980 (RPM)

16. Blood Sweat & Tears-The Complete Columbia Singles (Real Gone)

17. The Ohio Express-Beg, Borrow & Steal: The Complete Cameo Recordings (Real Gone)

18. Goldebriars-Walkin’ Down The Line: The Best Of The Goldebriars (Now Sounds)

19. Help Yourself-Reaffirmation: An Anthology 1971-1973 (Esoteric)

20. Mary Love-Lay This Burden Down: The Very Best Of Mary Love (Kent)

21. Pussycat-Boof! The Complete Pussycat 1966-1969 (RPM)

22. Keith Marshall-Keith Marshall: Expanded (Lemon)

23. Donna Loren-These Are The Good Times: The Complete Capitol Recordings (Now Sounds)

24. Allan Clarke-Sideshow: Solo Recordings 1973-1976 (RPM)

25. Turnaround-Let’s Do It (Zero Hour)

IV. Top 20 Compilations, Various Artists

1. Northern Soul: The Soundtrack (Demon)

2. Mixed Up Minds Part Nine: Obscure Rock & Pop From The British Isles 1969-1975 (Particles)

3. Piccadilly Sunshine Part Seventeen: British Pop Psych and Other Flavours 1966-1969 (Particles)

4. Pop Power From The Garage: Australian Power Pop 74-86 (Zero Hour)

5. Hello Everyone: Popsike Sparks From Denmark Street 1968-70 (Grapefruit)

6. Kent’s Cellar Of Soul Volume 3 (Kent)

7. The Rebel Kind: Girls With Guitars 3 (Ace)

8. Shapes & Shadows: Psychedelic Pop and Other Rare Flavours From The Chapter Vaults: 1968-72 (Grapefruit)

9. Upside Down: Coloured Dreams From The Underworld Volume One 1966-1970 (Particles)

10. She Did It!: The Songs Of Jackie DeShannon Volume 2 (Ace)

11. Lou Adler-A Musical History (Ace)

12. Piccadilly Sunshine Part Nineteen: British Pop Psych and Other Flavours 1967-1971 (Particles)

13. Satisfaction Guaranteed!: Motown Guys 1961-69 (Kent)

14. Mixed Up Minds Part Eight: Obscure Rock & Pop From The British Isles 1970-1974 (Particles)

15. Upside Down: Coloured Dreams From The Underworld Volume Two 1966-1971 (Particles)

16. Dusty Heard Them Here First (Ace)

17. Poppsaga: Iceland’s Pop Scene 1972-1977 (RPM)

18. Piccadilly Sunshine Part Eighteen: British Pop Psych and Other Flavours 1966-1970 (Particles)

19. Psychedelic States-Maryland In The ‘60s (Gear Fab)

20. Colour My World: The Songs Of Tony Hatch (Ace)

V. Top 30 Box Sets: Single Artist

1. Chuck Berry-Rock and Roll Music: Any Old Way You Choose It (Bear Family)

2. The Beatles-In Mono (EMI)*

3. Small Faces-Here Come The Nice (Charly/Immediate)

4. The Beatles-The U.S. Albums (Capitol)

5. The Per Gessle Archives-A Lifetime Of Songwriting (Elevator Entertainment)

6. The Kinks-The Anthology 1964-1971 (Legacy)

7. Bob Dylan and The Band-The Basement Tapes Complete (Legacy)

8. The Monkees-The Monkees: Superdeluxe (Rhino)

9. The Beatles-Japan Box (Universal Japan)

10. George Harrison-The Apple Years 1968-1975 (Universal)

11. The Jam-Setting Sons: Superdeluxe (Polydor/Universal)

12. Suzi Quatro-The Girl From Detroit City (Cherry Red)

13. Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin IV (Atlantic Catalogue Group)

14. The Monkees In Mono (Friday Music)*

15. Chairman Of The Board-The Complete Invictus Studio Recordings 1969-1978 (Edsel)

16. The Alan Parsons Project-The Complete Album Collection (Sony)

17. Anthony Phillips-Harvest Of The Heart: An Anthology (Esoteric)

18. The Velvet Underground-The Velvet Underground 45th Anniversary Superdeluxe Edition (Polydor/Universal)

19. Led Zeppelin-Houses Of The Holy (Atlantic Catalogue Group)

20. Oasis-(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? (Ignition)

21. Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons-The Classic Albums Box (Rhino/Warner)

22. Paul McCartney & Wings-Venus And Mars: Superdeluxe (Hear Music)

23. Bruce Springsteen-The Album Collection Vol. 1 1973-1984 (Legacy)

24. Todd Rundgren-At The BBC 1972-1982 (Esoteric)

25. The Minus 5-Scott The Hoople In The Dungeon Of Horror (Yep Roc)*

26. T Rex-The Albums Collection (Edsel)

27. Oasis-Definitely Maybe (Ignition)

28. Paul McCartney & Wings-Wings At The Speed Of Sound: Superdeluxe (Hear Music)

29. David Bowie-Sound + Vision (Parlophone)

30. Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin II (Atlantic Catalogue Group)

VI. Top 7 Box Sets: Various Artists

1. Millions Like Us-The Story Of The Mod Revival 1977-1989 (Cherry Red)

2. Stora Popboxen: Svensk Pop 1964-1969 (Premium Publishing)

3. Holland Dozier Holland-The Complete 45s Collection: Invictus/Hot Wax/Music Merchant 1969-77 (Demon)

4. Chicago Hit Factory: The Vee Jay Story 1953-1956 (Charly)

5. The History Of Rhythm and Blues: 1957-1962 (History of R&B)

6. Keep Lookin’: 80 More Mod, Soul & Freakbeat Nuggets (RPM)

7. Psychedelia: Original Album Series (Parlophone/Warner)

VII. Top 5 Reissue Labels (non-major)

1. Real Gone

2. Omnivore

3. RPM

4. Now Sounds

5. Particles

VIII. Top 5 Reissue Labels (Major)

1. Universal

2. EMI/Capitol

3. Parlophone

4. Legacy

5. Edsel

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