Bash On Pop – David Bash’s “Best Of 2017” Lists

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Hi Everyone,
Here are my lists of favorite albums of 2017. As is my usual custom, I’ve broken this down into several categories, as I’m just not comfortable ranking unlike entities on one list.
Those marked with an * are vinyl-only releases.
Those marked with an ** are cassette-only releases.
Contemporary Categories
I. Top 125 Albums
Disclaimer alert: I heard A LOT of fine albums this year, even more than 2016, which surprised me…but even paring it down to 125 was a daunting task. If your album doesn’t appear on this list, please trust me when I say that it in no way means I didn’t think it was good, so please don’t be hurt (assuming you even care what I think) if your album isn’t listed here (or, for that matter, if it received a lower ranking than you were hoping for/expecting). There were at least 50 more albums I could have included and still felt as if I enjoyed listening to everything on the list, but I wanted to keep it at no more than 125 so as not to overwhelm; with all the other lists I have here, there’s enough sensory overload happening!
There may be a handful of albums on this list which appear to be from 2016, or in fact were “released” at the tail end of last year. As anal as I am about my lists and about the year in which releases should be placed, I also try to be sensible about it and take into account the fact that one needs a bit of lag time to become aware of several releases, especially those indie releases which take up most of my list. If you have any complaints about this, please keep them to yourself-I’ve heard ‘em all. 😉
Lastly, I did not include download-only releases on any of my lists. I know this might seem a bit churlish, but there’s something about download-only releases that just doesn’t quite seem “legitimate” to me. While I like several of those I heard in 2017, and even love some of them, I’m still old school and still believe in physical product. Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against download releases, but I believe that there should also be options to obtain physical product. Yes, I understand that printing up CDs and (especially) vinyl is costly, but these days it really is doable for every band because manufacturing houses are all willing to do limited runs of product, particularly CDs, so that a band can do as few as 100, which should be easy to sell out of at shows, via boutique sites like Kool Kat and Jam, CD Baby, etc…I am very troubled by the possibility (some might say inevitability) of the CD going by way of the dinosaur, but I feel like I need to do my part, as little as that might be, to keep them alive. I will say I am encouraged by the number of bands who did release physical product in 2017, so hopefully all will continue to be well with the world. J Note: if any download-only releases I’ve heard see physical release in a future year, they will be eligible for ranking in that year. There you are, bands: a little incentive to keep the physical release alive and well. 🙂
Ok, without further ado, here you go!

1. Sitcom Neighbor-Shag (Gravity Works)
2. Mark & The Clouds-Cumulus (Mega Dodo)
3. The Flywheels-I’m For The Flowers (MLM)
4. Brent Cash-The New High (Marina)
5. Dent May-Across The Multiverse (Carpark)
6. Wesley Fuller-Inner City Dream (1965)
7. Derrick Anderson-A World of My Own (Omnivore)
8. The Galileo 7-Tear Your Minds Wide Open (Damaged Goods)*
9. The Belmondos-Good Mistakes (Self Released)
10. Ruby Free-Shades (SodaStar)
11. The Stanleys-The Stanleys (Pop Detective/Off The Hip/Rock Indiana)
12. Mothboxer-The Secret Art of Saying Nothing (Self Released)
13. Sex Clark Five-Ghost Brigade (Russia)
14. Justin Levinson-Yes Man (Self Released)
15. The Nines-Colour Radio (T.A.S. Gold)
16. Cheap Trick-Cheap Trick Christmas (Big Machine)
17. Groovy Movies-Groovy Movies (Hidden Volume)*
18. The John Sally Ride-A New Set of Downs (Kool Kat)
19. Sidewalk Society-Strange Roads: The Songs of Rolled Gold (Fruits De Mer)
20. El Goodo-By Order of The Moose (Strangetown)
21. The Sexies-The Sexies (Self Released)
22. Chris Price-Stop Talking (Omnivore)
23. Chris Lund-Great Event Syndrome (Self Released)
24. Pugwash-Silver Lake (Lojinx)
25. Eyelids-Or (Jealous Butcher)
26. Burgess Meredith-A Dimension of Sound (Self Released)
27. Corin Ashley-Broken Biscuits (Murray Hill)
28. Paul Bertolino-Toy Box (No Label)
29. Richard X. Heyman-Incognito (Turn-Up)
30. Wiretree-Towards The Sky (Self Released)
31. Third of Never-Austerity (Jam)
32. Michael Roberts-Suspended In This Space (Digitalis)
33. The Brass Buttons-Seven Seasons (Rock Indiana)
34. Once & Future Band-Once & Future Band (Castle Face)
35. Gail George-Bloom (Self Released)
36. Richard Turgeon-In Between The Spaces (Kool Kat)
37. Robyn Hitchcock-Robyn Hitchcock (Yep Roc)
38. The New Pornographers-Whiteout Conditions (Collected Works)
39. The Sighs-Wait On Another Day (OMAD)
40. Balduin-Bohemian Garden (Sunstone)*
41. Serpent Power-Electric Looneyland (Skeleton Key)
42. Duncan Reid & The Big Heads-Bombs Away (Self Released)
43. Brenyama-Euphoria Love (JEM)
44. Squeeze-The Knowledge (Love)
45. Daniel Wylie’s Cosmic Rough Riders-Scenery For Dreamers (Self Released)
46. The Kik-Stad En Land (Excelsior)
47. The Charlatans-Different Days (Self Released)
48. Alain Pire Experience-Songs From The 13th Floor (Self-Released)
49. Plasticsoul-Therapy (Big Stir)
50. The Lunar Laugh-Mama’s Boy (You Are The Cosmos)
51. Jane Bordeaux-Ma She’Hashoov (Self Released)
52. The Virtues-Oh Dear (Zip)
53. The Wellingtons-End of The Summer (Off The Hip)
54. Gospelbeach-Another Summer of Love (Alive!)
55. Nick Heyward-Woodland Echoes (Universal/Sony)
56. Pseudonym-Pack of Lies (Kool Kat)
57. Ride-Weather Diaries (Wichita)
58. Greg Ieronimo-Never Leaving California (Self-Released)
59. Liam Gallagher-As You Were (Warner Bros.)
60. The On & Ons-Welcome Aboard (Citadel)
61. The Kik-Hertaalt! (Excelsior)
62. Dan Auerbach-Waiting On A Song (Easy Eye Sound)
63. Dana Countrymen-The Joy of Pop (Sterling Swan)
64. Fastball-Step Into The Light (Self Released)
65. The Blood Rush Hour-Who Folds First (Nicola)
66. Ameoba Teen-Selection Box Vol. 1 (Magic Circle)
67. Cotton Mather-Wild Kingdom (Star Apple Kingdom)
68. Simon Felton-Topsy Turvy (Pink Hedgehog)
69. The Len Price 3-Kentish Longtails (JLM)
70. Pop Co Op-Four State Solution (Silent Bugler)
71. Temples-Volcano (Fat Possum)
72. The Naturals-We Are The Naturals (Popboomerang)
73. Real Estate-In Mind (Domino)
74. Strangers In A Strange Land-Strangers In A Strange Land (Self Released)
75. The Singles-Sweet Tooth (Self Released)
76. Cait Brennan-Third (Omnivore)
77. Smart Patrol-Overage Underachievers (Off The Hip)
78. The Connection-Just For Fun! (Rum Bar)
79. The Tearaways-Esq. (AMR)
80. King Washington-Potential (The End)
81. Neil Finn-Out of Silence (Universal)
82. Gloria-In Excelsis Stereo (Howlin’ Banana)
83. The Simple Carnival-Smitten (Sundrift)
84. Propeller-Don’t Ever Let This Let You Down (Moving Wall)
85. The Hangabouts-Kits & Cats and Saxon Wise (Futureman)
86. The Mylars-Melody Records (Melody)
87. Phil Angotti-Such Stories (Cavdog)
88. Karla Kane-King’s Daughters Home For Incurables (MLM)
89. Punch Punch Kick-Punch Punch Kick (Lollipop)
90. The Shins-Heartworms (Columbia)
91. Mark Crozer and The Rels-Sunny Side Down (Planting Seeds)
92. Game Theory-Supercalifragile (KCM)
93. Suzy & Los Quattro-Faster & Louder! (Rock Indiana)
94. Honeychain-Crushed (Self Released)
95. The Safes-Tasty Waves (Hidden Volume)
96. Celsi, Bragg & Maitland-The Road To Glasgow (Steel Derrick)
97. Sparks-Hippopotamus (P&C)
98. Flamin’ Groovies-Fantastic Plastic (Burger)
99. Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos-The Last Polaroid
100. Hornal-The Game Begins With The Lights Out (Self-Released)
101. Todd O’Keefe-Uptown (Self Released)
102. Freezing Hands-II (Hidden Volume)
103. Fernando Perdomo-The Golden Hour (Forward Motion)
104. Gentle Brent-Just Dandy (Jigsaw)
105. Shake Some Action!-Crash Through Or Crash (Satellite)
106. The Men-Sunburst (TMI)
107. R. Stevie Moore/Jason Falkner-Make It Be (Bar None)
108. Chris Church-Limitations of Source Tape (Spyderpop)
109. Cheap Trick-We’re All Alright! (Big Machine)
110. The Viewers-Universal Sky (Self Released)
111. The Maharajas-You Can’t Beat Youth (Low Impact)*
112. Judy Dyble/Andy Lewis-Summer Dancing (Acid Jazz)
113. The Forty Nineteens-Good Fortune (Kool Kat)
114. The Baron Four-Silvaticus (Get Hip)
115. Autos Detroit-Second Best (Self Released)
116. The Wheels-The Year of The Monkey (Warner Chapell)
117. Leisure McCorkle-5000 Light Years Beyond The Speed of Sound (Nappystar Chocolate)
118. Blair Packham-Unpopular Pop (Self Released)
119. Kris Rodgers-Losing The Frequency (Rum Bar)
120. The Deep Six-Introducing The Deep Six (Heavy Soul)
121. Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors-The Devil’s In The Detail (Fanny Pack)
122. Gordy Garris-Never Give Up (Self Released)
123. The Yellow Melodies-Life (The Beautiful Music)
124. The Clientele-Music For The Age of Miracles-Merge
125. Magic Bus-Phillip The Egg (Back To The Garden)
II. Top 10 EPs
Disclaimer alert: I’m not a big fan of EPs, as they always seem to leave me wanting more. For this reason, I never seek them out the way I do full-length albums, and 2017 was no exception. A few of them came my way, regardless, and I will list those I particularly enjoyed.

1. Cliff Hillis-Many Happy Returns (Tallboy)
2. Irene Pena-Trying Not To Smile (Self Released)
3. Borgh-Stars, Bars & Vintage Guitars (Self Released)
4. Thrift Store Halo-Pop Rocket (Hi-Beam)
5. The Seasongs-Dias Y Noches (Clifford)*
6. Jamie & Steve-Subtextural (Loaded Goat)
7. E Joseph and The Sparrows-Glorygram Vol. Three (Mantaray)
8. Dave Rave & The Governors-The Indicator (RaeBeat)
9. Christine B Phelan-Mind Games (Self Released)
10. The Hingles-No Matter What (HAK-P)
III. Top 5 Compilations-Single Artist

1. The Red Button-Now It’s All This! (JEM)
2. David Brookings-King Without A Throne (You Are The Cosmos)*
3. The Yearning-From Dawn Til Dusk: 2011-2014 (Elefant)
4. Pugwash-The Olympus Demos (Self Released)
5. Green Circles-No Room For Squares (Kool Kat)
IV. Top 8 Compilations-Various Artists

1. International Pop Overthrow-Vol. 20 (Pop Geek Heaven)
2. Pop Parade 8: Shadows & Reflections (Rock Indiana)
3. Twelve String High-Another Jingle Jangle Adventure Vol. 2 (You Are The Cosmos)
4. Sweet Relief 4 (Jam)
5. Dana Countryman-Girlville!: New Songs In The Style of Yesterday’s Hits! (Teensville)
6. Big Stir Traveling International Road Show (Big Stir)
7. Dana & Carl Present: This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio Vol. 4 (Kool Kat)
8. Staring At The Sun-Vol. XII (Blindspot)
V. Top 5 Tribute Discs

1. Songs, Bond Songs: The Music of 007 (Curry Cuts)
2. Coke Belda-3: A Tribute To The Bee Gees (Kool Kat)
3. Bob of The Pops-Volume One (Ballpark)
4. Bob of The Pops-Volume Two (Ballpark)
5. Not The Knack-A Tribute To The Knack (Zero Hour)
VI. An Album So Many People Love But I Just Don’t Get
Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie-Lindsay Buckingham/Christine McVie
VII. 2018 Releases I’ve Heard And Like (In Alphabetical Order)
Note: some of these have been available for download in 2017, but a little birdie told me that these will be released as physical product in 2018…so that’s why they’re in this category. I’m always going to favor physical product, and so if there’s a physical release, that’s the year in which they will be ranked. 🙂
Beechwood-Songs From The Land of Nod (Alive/Natural Sound)
Belle Adair-Tuscumbia (Single Look)
The Citradels-God Bless
Michael Simmons-First Days of Summer (Crab Apple)
Mason Summit-Summer Cold (Winter Heat)
Reissue Categories
I. Top 60 Proper Albums
For this category, at least one of the following criteria must be met for the album to qualify:
a. those that are on CD for the first time
b. those that had been previously issued, but are now out of print or difficult to find
c. those in whose current issue have lots of bonus tracks, or some other unique feature
d. those reissued on LP where they never had been
e. those which were previously unreleased but are “old” enough to where they should be considered reissues.
What I did NOT include were “garden variety” reissues of popular albums (i.e. the ELO reissues on colored vinyl)
A CD or LP which contains exclusively previously unreleased material which is not from current times is still considered a “reissue” in my ranking structure.
With the above in mind, while quality is the major factor in determining the rankings, other factors such as number and type of bonus tracks, liner notes, sound quality, etc…do come into play. So, if you see a classic album ranking lower than one with less of a rep (or one you know I like a bit less), it’s because of the other factors.

1. Rolling Stones-Their Satanic Majesties Request: Superdeluxe (ABKCO)
2. Tages-Studio (Bear Family)*
3. The Beatles-Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band: 2 CD Anniversary Edition (Apple/Universal)
4. The Turtles-Happy Together: Deluxe Edition (Edsel)
5. The Beach Boys-Wild Honey: 50th Anniversary First Ever Stereo Mix (Capitol)*
6. XTC-Black Sea: The Surround Sound Series (Ape)
7. The Moody Blues-Days of Future Passed: Original Mix (Deram/Universal)
8. Barclay James Harvest-Octoberon: Deluxe Edition (Esoteric)
9. Pezband-40 Years Anniversary: Deluxe Edition (Wasabi)
10. Love-Love: 50th Anniversary Mono Edition (Rhino)*
11. The Doors-The Doors: Mono Album (Rhino)*
12. The Guess Who-American Woman: Deluxe Edition (Iconoclassic)
13. Anthony Phillips Invisible Men-Invisible Men: Deluxe Edition (Esoteric)
14. Pugwash-Almanac (Sugarbush)*
15. Kaleidoscope-Tangerine Dream (Universal)*
16. B.A. Robertson-Bully For Label (Cherry Red)
17. Barclay James Harvest-XII: Deluxe Edition (Esoteric)
18. Gerry Rafferty-Can I Have My Money Back (Esoteric)
19. The Turtles-Turtle Soup: Deluxe Edition (Edsel)
20. Prince and The Revolution-Purple Rain: Deluxe Edition (Warner Brothers)
21. Status Quo: Blue For You: Deluxe Edition (Mercury)
22. Rain-The Sound of Rain (Outsider)*
23. The Easybeats-Vigil (Varese Vintage)*
24. Game Theory-2 Steps From The Middle Ages (Omnivore)
25. The Mock Turtles-Turtle Soup: Expanded Edition (Cherry Red)
26. Rolling Stones-On Air, A BBC Recording (ABKCO)
27. Status Quo-Just Supposin’…: Deluxe Edition (Mercury)
28. The Turtles-The Turtles Present The Battle of The Bands: Deluxe Edition (Edsel)
29. Splinter-The Place I Love (Greyscale)
30. The Turtles-Wooden Head: Deluxe Edition (Edsel)
31. Einstein’s Sister-Learning Curves (Yummy Pop)*
32. The Doors-Strange Days: 50th Anniversary Expanded Mono Edition (Rhino)
33. The Association-Windy: 50th Anniversary Mono Version (Rhino)
34. Mortimer-On Our Way Home (RPM)
35. John Scoggins-Pressed For Time (Rhino)*
36. The Apples In Stereo-Tone Soul Evolution (Yep Roc)*
37. The Free Design-Kites Are Fun (Light In The Attic)*
38. Rita Lee-Atrás Do Porto Tem Uma Cidade (Universal)*
39. The Standells-Try It: Mono Edition (Sundazed)
40. Sparkle*jets U.K.-In, Through, And Beyond (Crab Apple)*
41. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-Part One (Jackpot)*
42. Paul Martin-It Happened (Out-Sider)
43. The Turtles-It Ain’t Me Babe: Deluxe Edition (Edsel)
44. SST-Soft Soul Transition (Beatball)
45. Rare Earth-Dreams/Answers: Collector’s Edition (Universal)
46. The Baroques-The Baroques (Sundazed)*
47. The Sylvers-The Sylvers (Pride/Ultra Vybe)
48. The Young Rascals-Groovin’: 50th Anniversary Mono Version (Rhino)*
49. Frida-Frida (Parlophone)*
50. B.A. Robertston-R & BA (Cherry Red)
51. The Cars-Candy O: Expanded Edition (Rhino)
52. The Turtles-You Baby: Deluxe Edition (Edsel)
53. The United States of America-The United States of America (Sundazed)*
54. Neil Young-Hitchhiker (Reprise)
55. The Favourites-New Feeling (Reckless)*
56. Bash & Pop-Friday Night Is Killing Me: Deluxe Edition (Omnivore)
57. Arthur Alexander-Arthur Alexander (Omnivore)
58. Status Quo-Never Too Late: Deluxe Edition (Mercury)
59. Sparkle*jets U.K.-Bamboo Lounge (Crab Apple)*
60. Dantalian’s Chariot-Chariot Rising (Esoteric)
II. Top 5 Two-Fers, Three-Fers and Four-Fers
1. Laura Nyro-A Little Magic, A Little Kindnees: More Than A New Discovery/Eli and The Thirteenth Confession, Mono Edition (Real Gone)
2. The Johnstons-Bitter Green/Colours of The Dawn/If I Sang My Song (BGO)
3. The Undisputed Truth-Nothing But The Truth: The Undisputed Truth/Law of The Land/Down To Earth (Kent)
4. Clarence Carter-Testifyin’/Patches (Kent)
5. The Rain Parade-Emergency Third Rail Power Trip/Explosions In The Glass Palace (Real Gone)
III. Top 40 Compilations, Single Artist

1. The Beach Boys-1967: Sunshine Tomorrow (Capitol)
2. The Searchers-Another Night: The Sire Recordings 1979-1981 (Omnivore)
3. Ronnie D’addario-First Songs 1976-1983 (You Are The Cosmos)
4. The Monkees-Headquarters Stack ‘O Tracks (Friday Music)*
5. Jerry Yester-Pass Your Light Around (Omnivore)
6. The Spectrum-All The Colours of The Spectrum: Complete Recordings 1964-1970 (Grapefruit)
7. Ronnie D’addario-Don’t Wait For Yesterday 1986-2017 (You Are The Cosmos)
8. The Move-Magnetic Waves of Sound: The Best of The Move (Esoteric)
9. Thomas Group-Hollywoodland 1966-1969: Stereo & Mono Edition (Hanky Panky)
10. Greenfield & Cook-The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music (Universal)
11. Cheap Trick-The Epic Archive Vol. 1 1975-1979 (Real Gone)*
12. Van Morrison-The Authorized Bang Collection (Sony Legacy)
13. The Doors-The Singles (Rhino)
14. The Rascals-The Complete Singles A’s & B’s (Rhino)
15. The Golliwogs-Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings 1964-1967 (Craft)
16. Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes-The Fever: The Remastered Epic Recordings (Real Gone)
17. The Turtles-1966 (Flo & Eddie Inc.)*
18. Phil Seymour-Prince of Power Pop: His Very Best + 11 Unissued Tracks (Big Beat)
19. The Sneetches-Form of Play: A Retrospective (Omnivore)
20. Chris Bell-I Am The Cosmos: Deluxe Edition (Omnivore)
21. Brenda Holloway-Spellbound: Rare and Unreleased Motown Gems (Soulmusic)
22. Peggy March-If You Loved Me: RCA Recordings From Around The World 1963-1969 (Ace)
23. Dennis Wilson-The Caribou Sessions (Legacy)*
24. Artful Dodger-The Complete Columbia Recordings (Real Gone)
25. Dusty Springfield-A Brand New Me: The Complete Philadelphia Sessions (Real Gone)
26. Teenage Head-Fun Comes Fast (Warner Music Canada)
27. Lesley Duncan-Sing Lesley Sing: The RCA and CBS Recordings 1968-1972 (RPM)
28. Redd Kross-Hot Issue: New Digs & Old Finds (Bang!)
29. The Modulators-Tomorrow’s Coming: The Complete Discography 1980-1984 (Manufactured Recordings)
30. Oister: Pre-Dwight Twilley Band/1973-74 Teac Tapes (Hozak)*
31. Wild Silk-Visions In A Plaster Sky: The Complete Recordings 1968-1969 (RPM)
32. Playback-The Brian Wilson Anthology (Rhino)
33. America-Heritage: Home Recordings/Demos 1970-1973 (Omnivore)
34. Eric Stewart-Anthology (Lemon)
35. The Jigsaw Seen-For The Discriminating Completist (Burger)
36. Birds of A Feather-The Page One Recordings (RPM)
37. The Dave Miller Set-Mister Guy Fawkes: The Complete Spin Recordings and More 1967-1970 (RPM)
38. The Hollies-Shake With The Hollies (R&B)*
39. Duncan Browne-Planet Earth: The Transatlantic/Logo Years 1976-1979 (Cherry Tree)
40. Toby Twirl-Toby Twirl (Mega Dodo)
IV. Top 25 Compilations, Various Artists

1. Marshmallow Skies: 60s Pop Stars Flirt With Psychedelia (Teensville)
2. Graham Gouldman-Listen People: The Graham Gouldman Songbook 1964-2005 (Ace)
3. Jon Savage’s 1967: The Year Pop Divided (Ace)
4. Hard To Find 45s on CD Vol 17: Late ‘60s Classic (Eric)
5. Making Time: A Shel Talmy Production (Ace)
6. Sixties Nuggets-The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music (Universal)
7. Marylebone Beat Girls: 1964-1967 (Ace)
8. To Love Somebody: The Songs of The Bee Gees 1966-1970 (Ace)
9. Take A Mind Excursion-32 Pop Gems From Sunshine To Soft 1966-1972 (Teensville)
10. Nothing But A House Party-The Birth of The Philly Sound 1967-71 (Kent)
11. Best of Pied Piper Days Vol. II (Sony Music Japan)
12. Looking Forward: The Roots of Big Star Featuring Chris Bell (Omnivore)
13. Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present: English Weather (Ace)
14. Gotta Get Up!: The Songs of Harry Nilsson 1965-1972 (Ace)
15. Mixed Up Minds Part 12: Obscure Rock & Pop From The British Isles 1968-1973 (Particles)
16. Seventies Nuggets-The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music (Universal)
17. Northern Soul’s Classiest Rarities Volume 6 (Kent)
18. Love’s Been Good To Me: The Songs of Rod McKuen (Ace)
19. Rock and Roll Music!-The Songs of Chuck Berry (Ace)
20. Curiosity Shop Volume Five: A Rare Collection of Aural Antiquities and Objets D’art 1965-1969 (Particles)
21. Come To The Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults (Rhino)*
22. Left In The Can: Originally Unreleased by 60s Stars 1960-1969 (Teensville)
23. Psychedelic Pop Israel: Rare & Obscure Singles From The Holyland Vol. 1 (Black Gold)*
24. Gettin’ Together: Groovy Sounds From The Summer of Love (Rhino)*
25. Mainstream Modern Soul 2: 1969-1976 (Kent)
V. Top 5 Compilations-Various Artists (Series)
1. 500 Atlantic R&B Soul Singles (Atlantic)
2. Soft Rock Nuggets (Warner Japan)
3. Cornflake Zoo (Particles)
4. Upside Down (Particles)
5. Beatfreak! (Particles)
VI. Top 2 Soundtracks
1. Popeye-Deluxe Edition, Music From The Motion Picture (Varese Sarabande)
2. Saturday Night Fever-The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Deluxe Edition (Universal)
VII. Top 50 Box Sets: Single Artists

1. Chris Bell-The Complete Chris Bell (Omnivore)
2. The Beatles-Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: Superdeluxe Edition (Universal)
3. George Harrison-The Vinyl Collection (Capitol)*
4. Johnny Cash-Unearthed (American)*
5. The Monkees-More of The Monkees: Superdeluxe Edition (Rhino Handmade)
6. 10cc-Before, During and After (UMC)
7. Shocking Blue-The Blue Box: Complete Album Collection, Etc.. (Red Bullet)
8. Sweet-Sensational Sweet Chapter One: The Wild Bunch (Sony Music)
9. Sweet-Are You Ready?: The RCA Era (Sony)*
10. Fairport Convention-Come All Ye: The First Ten Years (UMC)
11. The Turtles-The Albums Collection (Demon)*
12. Status Quo-The Vinyl Collection 1981-1996 (UMC)*
13. The Jam-1977 (Polydor)
14. The Resonars-The Complete Resonars (Burger/Lollipop)**
15. Queen-News of The World: 40th Anniversary Edition (Hollywood)
16. The Who-Maximum As & Bs: The Complete Singles (UMC)
17. Wilson Pickett-The Complete Atlantic Albums Collection (Rhino)
18. Johnny Cash-The Original Sun Albums 1957-1964 (Charly)
19. Kayak-Journey Through Time: Complete Studio Album Collection, Etc.. (Universal)
20. The Creation-Action Painting (Numero)
21. Pentangle-The Albums (Cherry Red)
22. The Creation-Creation Theory (Edsel)
23. Elvis Presley-A Boy From Tupelo: The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings (Legacy)
24. Randy Newman-Lonely At The Top: The Studio Albums 1968-77 (Warner Music)*
25. Neil Young-Original Release Series Discs 5-8 (Reprise)
26. Issac Hayes-The Spirit of Memphis 1962-1976 (Concord Music Group)
27. Hudson Ford-The A&M Albums (Caroline/Capitol)
28. R.E.M.-Automatic For The People: Superdeluxe (Craft)
29. Godley & Crème-Body of Work 1978-1988 (Polydor/Caroline)
30. Bread-The Elektra Years: The Complete Albums Box (Rhino)
31. Lloyd Cole-Lloyd In New York: Collected Recordings 1988-1996 (UMC)
32. Paul McCartney-Flowers In The Dirt: Superdeluxe Edition (Capitol)
33. Golden Earring-Complete Studio Recordings (Red Bullet)
34. The Ramones-Leave Home: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Rhino)
35. The Shadows-Boxing The Shadows 1980-1990 (Edsel)
36. The Hollies-Head Out of Dreams: August 1973-May 1988 (Parlophone)
37. Focus-Hocus Pocus Box (Red Bullet)
38. The Smiths-The Queen Is Dead: Superdeluxe Edition (Warner Bros.)
39. The Ramones-Rocket To Russia: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Rhino)
40. Neil Young-Original Release Series Discs 8.5-12 (Reprise)
41. The Sex Pistols-Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols: Special 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (UMC)
42. Sweet-The Polydor Albums (Caroline/Capitol)
43. The Diodes-Released, Action/Reaction, Rarities (Artifact)*
44. Chris Difford-Chris To The Mill (Edsel)
45. Liverpool Express-The Albums (7T’s)
46. Mungo Jerry-The Dawn Albums Collection (7 T’s)
47. Cream-Fresh Cream: Superdeluxe Edition (Polydor)
48. Grand Funk Railroad-Trunk of Funk 2 (Capitol)
49. Wally Tax & The Outsiders-Cloudburst: Complete Album Collection, Etc… (Universal)
50. Fox-The Fox Box (Cherry Red)
VIII. Top 10 Box Sets: Various Artists

1. Motown Unreleased 1966 (Universal)
2. Am I Dreaming?: 80 Brit Girl Sounds of the ‘60s (RPM)
3. Looking At The Pictures In The Sky: The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1968 (Grapefruit)
4. Manchester North of England: A Story of Independent Music, Greater Manchester 1977-1993 (Cherry Red) 5. It’s Gonna Be Action Packed!-The Complete Rockin’ Rarities (B! Records)
6. Soul On Fire-The Detroit Soul Story 1957-1977 (Soul Time)
7. Let The Electric Children Play: The Underground Story of Transatlantic Records 1966-1976 (Esoteric)
8. A Game For All Who Know-The H&P Recordings Box (Grapefruit)
9. One Way Glass: Dance Floor Prog, Brit Jazz & Funky Folk 1968-1975 (RPM)
10. C-88 (Cherry Red)