IPO Chicago 2012 Yearbook

The Abbeys
Phil Angotti

The Burrows


Kate Diaz
The Elements of Style



Go Time
The Injured Parties

The JoyRyders


Left Turn At Albuquerque
The Luck of Eden Hall

The New Inhabitants


The PondHawks
The Pop Dollys

The Pounders


The Pralines
The Redfords

Red Plastic Buddah


Red Wigglers
The Shake Ups!

Too Much Saturn


The Treeshakers

Kerry Tucker Band


The Uncommon Houseflies
Weekend Vinyl

Wes Hollywood


Tommi Zender



Keith Betti
The Break

Ellis Clark & His Band


Graham Czach
Fun With Atoms

Jess Godwin


The Goldstars
Andy Griffiths




The Surf Zombies


The Unswept
Van Go

Your Gracious Host