IPO Liverpool 2012 Yearbook

Ashbury Keys
The Beat Rats

The Big I Am


Megan Blyth
Jo Bywater

Cardinal Jack


The Carousels

The Dirty Royals


The Dockers
Eskimo Blonde

Femme Fatale


Lannie Flowers
Avant Gardner

The Good Intentions

The Grande

The Gutterfighters



Ivan Mudd
The Paula Kelley Orchestra

Kelly’s Heels


Norman Kelsey
The Last Carnival

The LBC Collective


Lights From Space
Magic Eight Ball

Barry MacKay


MC Royal
The Pengwins

Postcards From Places That Don’t Exist


The Q
Rogue Frequency

The Rudimentary Confusion


Second Hand Wings
The Seasongs

She Talks


Shiva Racket
Richard Snow & The Inlaws



The Suns

The Time Larks


The Upper Fifth

Van Susans


Whisky River Band
The Yellow Melodies



The Ace
Annie Soulshine

Jake Bolt


The Brights

The Cherry Bluestorms


The Complete Unknown
Fun Of The Pier

Sue Hedges


The Jooles

Evette Judge


Likely Lads
Lisa Ljungberg

Leisure McCorckle


Johnny Monaco
Olly Neasham



Dave Rave
The Sonic Jewels

Joe Symes