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Artists From Los Angeles/Orange County

Almost Classy – Originally hailing from all over the country and with an array of influences that is equally diverse, this quartet now makes their home in Los Angeles. They have steadily been building a reputation for catchy alt-pop with killer hooks, sweet harmonies and equal touches of both rock and ska. Fans of Foo Fighters, Maroon 5, and Mumford & Sons should check them out!
Patricia Bahia – A singer/songwriter and recording artist who started her career as a soloist with the acclaimed Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir–recording with Linda Rondstadt, performing with Joan Baez, and opening for Bonnie Raitt. Her sound is a fresh melding of electro-acoustic pop and country, clear and emotionally expressive vocals, inspiring lyrics and timeless melodies.
Steve Barton – Most of you know Barton as the man behind the awesome ‘80s band Translator (you know you can sing “Everywhere That I’m Not” in your sleep…and you probably have!). He’s released four CDs with his band, The Oblivion Click, one of which, Charm Offensive, earned three stars from MOJO Magazine – which ain’t easy! His latest opus, Projector, is a bit more personal, consisting of songs written in the aftermath of his dad’s death and featuring Barton on all the instruments and vocals. If you love Barton’s music, you’ll also want to check out Different Time, a Translator double-CD set of outtakes, demos and live tracks hand-picked by the band!
Best Of Seven – Placing an emphasis on a wall of guitars and a tight rhythm section with passionate vocals, Best Of Seven combine the rock sensibilities of Cheap Trick, Bon Jovi and Marvelous 3 into a hybrid musical concoction of a modern day rock band determined for success. Their high energy live show and flair for showmanship will also appeal to fans of KISS or The Goo Goo Dolls! We’re honored to host their Los Angeles reunion show!
Nick Bognar – A charming singer/songwriter who never fails to delight audiences with his crop of catchy songs, featuring strong hooks and great melodies filled with tongue in cheek humor. His music has drawn comparisons to Ben Folds, Green Day, Liz Phair…and sometimes also to his brother Bobby Bognar, main man of The Piper Downs (see below). Check out his song “Ninjas Win,” the title track for the movie, Ninjas vs Vampires!
Nelson Bragg & The Bus – A veteran of numerous bands who have graced the IPO stage over the years (The Now People, Cloud 11, The Quarter After, Anny Celsi Band), and percussionist/vocalist with The Brian Wilson Band, Bragg is finally making his debut IPO appearance as the leader of his own band, and we can hardly wait! Known for his spot-on drumming and vocals, as well as his talent as an arranger, his latest CD, We Get What We Want, made the top of many 2012 year end “best of” lists, and is sure to appeal to fans of artists such as Buffalo Springfield, The Grapes of Wrath, and Holsapple/Stamey, to name but a few!
Brainspoon – Their latest album, No Damage, layers Daphne Vandervalk’s spit-shined vocals and Michelle Balderrama’s blazing guitar leads with enough roadhouse raunch to scare the most seasoned biker. Fans of Blondie, PJ Harvey, and The Stooges are gonna love this one. Pure, fast, loud Los Angeles rock n’ roll, baby!
California Lions – A charming indie pop quintet featuring Daniel Perkins, former main man of The New Fidelity, who combine the charm of old school harmony pop and surf pop in shimmering layers of guitars and cheeky boy-girl vocals dripping with sunshine. Check out their self-titled EP, and become an instant fan!
Michelle Carter – She’s a force to be reckoned with in the LA music scene (and in the industry at large, as she frequently travels to other locales, such as Austin and Nashville, and has played IPO in her native Vancouver in addition to her home of LA), and will have a career to aspire to for years to come. Her voice has already been heard on the first season of The L Word, as well as on Sony Music (Media Software) Pocket Diva Acid Loop Pack, and her debut LP, So Simple! Not one to rest on her laurels, she’s got both a solo CD and a duet project with Keith Megna that should both be available soon!
The Cherry Bluestorms – After discovering their mutual love of ‘60s guitar based melodic rock, guitarist/vocalist Glen Laughlin (formerly of The Dickies) and vocalist Deborah Gee immediately began working on what would become The Cherry Bluestorms. Their debut album, Transit of Venus, is a garden of unearthly delights for those who cut their teeth on the vinyl pressed between 1964 and 1970! Their latest release, an ambitious concept album called Bad Penny Opera, turns their classic style and psychedelic haze up a notch, and has been garnering stellar reviews!
Walter Clevenger – IPO is proud to host a rare solo performance by the main man of Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings, a rockin’ Orange County, CA quintet which has for many years been known for distilling the best of Nick Lowe, Marshall Crenshaw, The Beatles, and Hank Williams to create a fresh, original brew that works well both live and on CD. Clevenger’s newest material has taken on a fresh blues-bent, without eschewing his pop sensibilities, so this should be a very cool performance!
The Condors – They make absolutely no bones about the fact that they’re classic stylists, influenced by the best that rock ‘n roll, pop, punk, glam, and R&B have to offer. They then take all these influences and package them up in their own brand of in your face gritty powerpop! Their sophomore CD, Wait For It, received extensive airplay and press all over the United States, as well as in Europe and South America, and their latest, 3 Item Combo, is even better!
Cosmo Topper – The man in the black top hat is back, and we at IPO are thrilled to have him! Mr. Morley Bartnoff’s been writing and performing catchy tunes for quite a long time (remember “Belly Of The Whale” by Burning Sensations, which was in heavy rotation on MTV, when the music channel was in its infancy?). In between his stints with Dramarama and touring as the keyboardist in the Lennon tribute rockumentary, Just Imagine, Bartnoff and the LA music “all-star” cast of Cosmo Topper never cease to delight!
Adam Daniel – He first came to public attention in 1999 recording and performing as a rock/pop singer-songwriter, when All Music Guide named his debut album Blue Pop “…among the best guitar-pop albums of the ‘90s…” In 2006 he resurfaced musically, reissuing Blue Pop and also releasing two collections of new recordings: 4-track demos: The Adam Daniel Frequency and 4-track demos: Where You Are EP. His fourth CD, Pop, Baby!, is available at long last, and features a mashup of all his favorite things – Elton John piano, glam rock guitars, Beach Boys vocal stacks, and new wave synth candy. Check it out, and it will soon be one of your favorites too!
The Defiant – The work of Miami born singer/songwriter Alana Chirino, who now makes her home in LA. Coming from a family of Latin music royalty, she has eschewed family tradition by creating her own unique brand of soulful indie rock, blending influences from The Beatles to Stevie Wonder and The Black Keys, just to name a few. The Defiant’s debut album (co-produced by Fernando Perdomo, see below), Plans and Schemes, is due out later this summer, so watch for it!
Marvin Etzioni with the Marvin Country! String Quartet – IPO is proud to host a very special performance by Grammy award winner Marvin Etzioni! Known over the years as one of the founders of Lone Justice, producer (Toad the Wet Sprocket, Counting Crows, Peter Case), sideman (T Bone Burnett, Dixie Chicks, Grey Delisle), and songwriter (Cheap Trick, Victoria Williams), it’s safe to say Etzioni is revered in music circles worldwide. His latest album, Marvin Country, is an ambitious two disc set, and features guest appearances by Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, and many more!
Evil Maria – After releasing and touring behind three CDs on his Spill Records label, singer/songwriter and guitarist Evren Goknar formed Evil Maria. Their sound evolved into what Goknar describes as maximum garage pop, infusing ‘60s-influenced farfisa and edgy rock elements with pop and early new wave. Their latest release – a limited edition 7” on coloured vinyl called The El Dorado Seven Inch – is totally hip!
The Furys – If you remember the LA music happenings of the ‘70s, then you surely remember The Furys, who straddled the line between the local punk and powerpop scenes, like a compromising position between The Weirdos and The Knack. The band released three singles and a 12” EP before splintering, leaving behind the chant-along classic “Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep.” They’re back, having just played Chinatown for the first time in 30 years, and they still rock! They now also feature Glen Laughlin of The Cherry Bluestorms (see above) on guitar, and IPO is honored to have ‘em!
The Galaxies – With all the power of pop and all the edge of rock, The Galaxies’ music is a unique mix of melody, harmony, beat and full-out fun that really rocks!! Each member brings with him knowledge and love of ‘60s pop, ‘70s rock, and today’s energy and excitement! After just one listen, we dare you to try getting the songs on their latest CD, Here We Go!, out of your head!
honeychain – Two girls and two guys, including Hillary Burton, formerly of IPO vets Nushu, and noted pop music scribe/drummer John Borack, who “long for the loud” and create melodic in-your-face power pop that rocks and sticks like glue traps. Fans of Letters To Cleo, The Muffs, and Ingenue (see below) should definitely check out their debut EP, Futura!
Ingenue – Ingenue delivers in-your-face female fronted rawk just the way you like it! Their latest CD, Super Swell, is quite aptly named, and will appeal to fans of Veruca Salt, Juliana Hatfield, and honeychain (see above)! So come join the fun and watch ‘em rock!
The Issue – They describe themselves as four guys who DIG powerpop/punk/garage, Rickenbackers and Vox amps, and who just like to have fun, and their sound remains true to that heritage with in-your-face vocals and infectious melodies. Now who wouldn’t dig that?!!
Zachary James and The All Seeing Eyes – With his born-to-be-a-frontman, lanky, long-haired look, James presents a fresh spin on classic rock n’ roll, both sonically and visually. Towering from the stage at 6’7” (topping out quintessential spindly singer Joey Ramone by over an inch), James turns heads with his infectious good time rock n’ roll & his striking looks. The band’s new album, Space Case, was inspired by James’ interstellar affection for cosmic rock n’ roll, addressing themes of space, specters and the supernatural with a playful synth-infused glam-rock twist. Definitely an artist to watch!
Paula Kelley Orchestra – The venerable Ms. Kelley keeps getting better and better with each release! Her last full length album, The Trouble With Success (Or How You Fit Into The World), is replete with the kind of lush, melancholic songs that made The Zombies Odessey And Oracle the landmark disc that it is. Her latest EP, Airports, features four stunning new Paula Kelley songs, blending influences from Al Green to Margo Guryan, and more!
Norman Kelsey – IPO’s favorite soul-man’s latest album, On The Rebound, has been getting rave reviews and earning Kelsey new fans in both the US and the UK! Produced by Adam Marsland, the album is a continuation of his journey into disco-pop that began with A Talent For Loving, taking cues from the Brothers Gibb and James Brown, along with the usual Motown suspects. Filled with uptempo pop tunes and ballads, Kelsey’s albums (and his live show!) will make you think it’s 1978 all over again, but without the polyester!
George Krikes – Some may recognize Krikes as one of the leading men of King Washington, whose debut CD, The Gears, provided a renaissance of musical flavors, saturated in complex harmonies and intelligent chord progressions alike, with influences from classic acts like John Lennon, The Beach Boys, David Bowie and Cat Stevens to contemporary talents Radiohead, REM, and The Negro Problem. Krikes’ solo music is a more gentle reflection of those influences, but is no less complex, blending in a heady mix of classic British pastoral folk themes, ‘60s New York coffee house vibes, and a world music edge reminiscent of The Gypsy Kings. If it sounds too good to be true, come check out his IPO showcase for yourself!
The Living Dolls – Mix power pop, rock, psychedelic, garage, mod, punkv arena rock from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s, and you’ll get an idea of the sound of The Living Dolls! They’re an alternative blend of old and new; somehow familiar yet strangely unrecognizable. Their self-titled CD is garnering rave reviews from their home in the beautiful San Fernando Valley to Ohio to Sweden, and points in between.
Maple Mars – A dash of Pink Floyd, a sprinkle of Cheap Trick, some Jellyfish on the side, and a big dollop of the Beatles describe this Los Angeles band. If they never did anything but their debut CD, Welcome To Maple Mars, we could have all been satisfied, but thankfully they keep cranking out their psychedelic pop perfection! The fourth and latest CD, Galaxyland, weaves a dreamy Bacharach meets Rundgren element into the mix, and is definitely their best yet!
Math & Science – Quirky, subversive, and fun are just a few of the adjectives to describe the unique musical stylings of this project led by the inimitable Mr. John Wolf. Wolf uses overachieving low-fi methods to continuously churn out the finest in simple, sweet, beguiling pop. He refers to their latest CD, Tapping Into That Ecstatic Vein, as the band’s ‘70s rock album: ten songs; guitar, bass and drums; great harmonies – the tom fills alone are worth the price of admission!
The Lisa Mychols Three – The prolific Lisa Mychols has graced many an IPO stage under many different solo and band guises, and we are always glad to have her! Her debut CD, Lost Winter’s Dream, is considered by many to be an underground pop classic, and her latest, Above, Beyond, and In Between, has been getting rave reviews for its combo of surf pop, soft pop, bubblegum, and powerpop, all with Mychols’ gentle melodic touch and sweet vocals.
Karen Nash – Born in Texas and raised in Southern California, Karen Nash plays alt-country roots music with the skillfully crafted turn of phrase and topical content of a great folksinger. Known for her impassioned songs of loneliness and broken love, Ms. Nash has captivated audiences all over the US, and was equally well-received in the UK where she played IPO Liverpool in 2008. Her CDs are evocative of Linda Ronstadt, Kenny Rogers, and Emmylou Harris.
New Maximum Donkey – “New Maximum Donkey is poised and ready to make a charge at the world of music with a brand of power-pop that is all their own, fueled by a wry sense of humor and rich melodies that have you singing along by the 2nd time through the disc.” (Jeff Johnson, CDReviews.com) Said disc, Square Root of All Evil, will appeal to fans of artists as diverse as The Ramones, UB40, Frankie Lymon, Jet, and The Banana Splits! One of the most entertaining bands we’ve ever had at IPO!
The Paper Hearts – These young Hollywood hipsters combine strong ‘60s influences with a modern pop sensibility. Fans of solid rock ‘n roll of all eras – from British Invasion to late ‘70s and early ‘80s punk/new wave, to the current brand of edgy indie-rock, will totally dig this!
Peachfuzz – Talk about a band making a 90 degree turn! This trio went from power pop to an exciting Guided By Voices-influenced garage sound, which never fails to please on their great Dionysus Records CD, Catch Your Snap. Their latest, Fall Down Dreaming, also adds a heavy dose of fuzz and glam, just for fun! A truly wonderful band who we’re always happy to have at IPO!
Fernando Perdomo – Recently re-located to LA from his former home of Miami Beach where he led Dreaming in Stereo, whose churning style of music was coined by band and press alike as Progressive Pop, an eclectic mix of ‘70s Progressive Rock and ‘90s powerpop! His recent solo EP, Home Is Wherever You Are, is full of symphonic arrangements and out of the box instrumentation, but with an underlying pop catchiness and melodicism that makes the songs truly unforgettable. He’s also a label head (Forward Motion Records) and producer extraordinaire (the latest album by pop legend Andy Pratt, among others!)
Sarah Petrella – Writing songs since the tender age of six (!), Petrella has a wide range of influences – from country to rootsy Americana pop to early California punk pop – all of which she blends into her own catchy carefree brand of radio-ready music. Come check out her IPO showcase and hear for yourself!
The Piper Downs – One of the most entertaining bands on the scene, who’ve been together for over 15 years and show no signs of slowing down! Their CD, Varying Degrees of Failure and Tunelessness, displays both their excellent sense of melody and harmony as well as their tongue in cheek humor. Look out for their upcoming CD, Women, Like Children, Crave Discipline! You always get more than a bang for your buck with The Piper Downs!
Plasticsoul – Led by singer/songwriter/producer Steven Wilson, who over the past decade has been performing various roles in multiple bands while compiling a large catalogue of original, dynamic pop songs. The latest Plasticsoul CD, Peacock Swagger, took the top spot on several “best CDs of 2009” lists – check it out for yourself and you’ll hear why!
Popdudes – This Orange County combo led by Sparkle*jets UK main man Mike Simmons and drummer John Borack (see honeychain above), who are sure to please with a multitude of cover tunes done in their inimitable fashion…along with some groovy original tunes! A revolving cast of supporting players that reads like a who’s who in the LA power pop underground scene adds to the fun!
Powerslide – Classic LA powerpop outfit led by Marc Danzeisen, who has also lent his considerable talents to Comedy Central’s Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush and recording/engineering for both local and national acts. Powerslide’s album, Peel, will appeal to fans of ‘80s and ‘90s powerpop, such as Jellyfish or REM, as well as classics such as The Beatles. IPO is especially proud to host one of their rare live performances, so don’t miss it!
Chris Price – An engaging artist whose inspiration for his new CD, Homesick, came from the great albums of the ‘60s, which used limitations to enhance creativity. The album was recorded entirely on an iPhone using just a 4-track app and the mic of the phone. The result is pure ear candy filled with lush strings, clear vocals, and captivating melodies. Check it out now!
Rabbithead – The musical brainchild of award-winning piano player, writer, and performer Robbie Gennet, who has toured as a sideman and vocalist with acts as diverse as Nick Lachey, Everclear and 7Mary3, in addition to performing solo or with one of his bands. Expect to hear some ‘70s classic pop melodicism and clear vocals, packaged nicely with powerpop hooks!
Records and Tapes – Records and Tapes is a Los Angeles based collaboration by Fernando Perdomo (see above) and Jennifer Jo Oberle. Both of them being fans of Kate Bush, their music is characterized by captivating melodies with solid pop hooks and Jennifer’s lead vocals. Their single, “Best Type Of Regret”, was written during their first session writing as partners, and we can’t wait to hear more!
Red Tambourine – Red Tambourine are brothers and friends who prove that youth can have a strong voice on the LA indie-rock scene. Their two debut tracks have played in rotation on KROQ’s iconic Rodney on the Roq show, as well as Britain’s Amazing Radio, and with good reason – their combo of ‘60s garage influences, pop hooks, and indie-rock swagger is instantly addictive!
The Relatives – This powerful quartet belts out classic powerpop that all lovers of the genre are sure to appreciate! They’ve released two CDs, and are currently working on their third, tentatively titled Tilted World, the video for which can be seen on YouTube. If you like Cheap Trick, Material Issue, and The Smithereens, you will also dig The Relatives!
Ryan & Faris – A California duo who craft timeless Americana pop songs following in the footsteps of such artists as Neil Young and The Eagles. Their recent Homeward Bound CD evokes the spirit of the open American road, filled with lyrics that tell a story and speak to the heart-laid-over-guitar harmonies that are intricate in their simplicity.
Lyn Saga – Inspired by ‘90s alternative rock artists such as Weezer, Hole, Fountains of Wayne, Foo Fighters, and the Smashing Pumpkins, Saga is a power-pop singer/songwriter whose catchy melodies, anthemic choruses, and energetic performances have drawn fans from coast to coast. Check out her debut full-length, Venice, now!
Scarlet Crush – The undisputed Pop-Rock Champions of Orange County, the band is the all-time leading award winner at the Orange County Music Awards, scarfing up more accolades than we can count! Filling clubs, appearing on local TV and radio, and winning fans at every turn, Scarlet Crush has become known as a powerful creative force, excelling in writing, recording and performing a catalog of consistently irresistible pop/rock, sure to appeal to fans of bands from Squeeze or The Beatles to Fuel or Weezer!
See How They Run – The duo of Adrian Bourgeois and Paige Lewis. Bourgeois has been stylistically compared to such pop music pillars as the Beatles and the Beach Boys, as well as more modern songwriters such as Elliott Smith and Rufus Wainwright. Lewis has drawn comparisons to Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morrissette, but she has her own unique style and the songs she sings were written from a place of great hope and optimism. A wonderful yin/yang pairing!
The Shamus Twins – Yeah, you’re right, there aren’t any real twins in this band, but their sibling-like harmonies, intelligent lyrics, unique arrangements and infectious songcraft will make you forgive their nom de faux pas. If you like loud guitars, harmonies, jangle, and twang, you’ll want to pick up both of their excellent CDs!
Shplang – They’ve long been mainstays of the L.A. music scene, have lots of excellent CDs, including their most recent release, My Big Three Wheeler, and have a very cool, unique sound as well, with swirling psychedelics meeting solid pop sensibilities. One minute they’re sounding like the Strawberry Alarm Clock, the next: The Stranglers. Intrigued? Check ’em out!
Sidewalk Society – Psychedelic sunshine jangle pop meets glam rock is the stock-in-trade of Sidewalk Society, and they do it better than just about anyone! Think Hendrix, The Move, Small Faces, The Turtles, and T. Rex, and you get the idea! Or better yet, check out their IPO showcase and pick up their latest release, Venus, Saturn and the Crescent Moon, (on CD or shiny blue vinyl!) and hear them for yourself!
Sitcom Neighbor – They’re a band who wear their late ‘60s and early ‘70s Brit-pop sensibilities proudly on their sleeves. Here’s what CD Baby has to say about their self-titled debut: “Quarter and thinly slice one Apple (green, red or white label, 1968 vintage approx) add one cup Kinks, one teaspoon XTC and a pinch of Nilsson.” Yup, pretty much, and their latest, Charmed, is even better, gracing my Top 10 of 2012!
Sparkle*jets UK – They’re proud to say they combine unabashed playfulness with rockin’ toughness. Leaders Mike Simmons and Susan West have helped take this Orange County band’s performing, arranging and songwriting skills to a new level on their excellent disc, Bamboo Lounge, and we can’t wait for their next one!
Melissa Thatcher – A singer songwriter sure to make her mark on both the industry and her listeners. Her new EP, The Streets of Silverlake, is filled with theatrical piano pop with haunting melodies, intelligent lyrics, a touch of classicism, clear strong vocals, and a flair for the dramatic. Definitely one to watch!
The Russ Tolman Band – Tolman is one of the main men of True West, one of The Paisley Underground’s most beloved bands, whose “guitar poetry” will never be forgotten, nor will landmark albums like Drifters. We had one of those rare, unforgettable “pinch me” moments at International Pop Overthrow, when the original line-up of True West performed together for the first time in 20 years at IPO Seattle in 2006, and we’re sure IPO LA is in for something really special as he steps out in his current hometown performing under his own name!
The Trainwrecks – The band led by Piper Downs’ guitarist Garner Knutson; they’ve got a powerful, punk-pop sound that fans of The Piper Downs (see above), Green Day, and more traditional power pop will love! Check out their debut full length self-titled CD, which was well worth the wait!
Tramps In Stereo – An alternative pop/rock band whose synthesizer sounds and deliberate bass gives them a modern sound with a new wave twist. Longtime IPO audiences may also recognize several members of the band as having been in The Craze, who played IPO in 2007 and 2008. Reuniting after following their individual endeavors and adding a couple of new members, they became Tramps in Stereo and have not looked back…the songs are even catchier and have more punch. A debut album full of heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies, and beats that move the body is in the works, and we can hardly wait!
The Waking Hours – We’re honored to host the first LA show in five years by this amazing mod-inflected powerpop trio of Tom Richards, Ricky Tubb, and Emma Jenson! The band got their start in Richmond, Virginia, and made enough hey to get signed to Arista subsidiary Time Bomb Records, who released their classic, self-titled second album. After moving to LA, they generated a huge fan base, playing on bills with Rooney and others of that ilk. Still going strong in 2013, their IPO show is going to be a real treat, so don’t miss it!
Young Beautiful In A Hurry – A band dedicated to bringing you all-organic, free-range, thoroughbred rock/pop, with an infusion of glam you haven’t heard this side of the late ‘70s. If you love Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, Queen, and T. Rex (and who doesn’t?!), you will LOVE Young Beautiful In A Hurry! Check out their debut self-titled CD now!

U.S. Artists From Outside Of Los Angeles

Cait Brennan – A Tempe, AZ-based indie piano rock singer/songwriter with dark cabaret, power pop and ‘70s glam rock influences. She can also belt out vaudevillian ditties, honky-tonk rock, and soul with the best of ‘em! Her recent two-night sold-out concert performance at Arizona’s Tempe Center for the Arts was filmed for public television’s Emmy-nominated “Songwriters Showcase” series, set to air on PBS stations later in 2013. Wow!
Jim Camacho – One of South Florida’s most renowned singer/songwriters, who first made his mark in The Goods. We’re proud to host the LA release show for his five-song EP, Everywhere, his first collection of new songs since his critically acclaimed album Beachfront Defeat in 2009. The songs on Everywhere blend influences from pop, world music, folk and more!
Lannie Flowers – The 2010 CD by this Texas gent, Circles, flew to the top of many a powerpop best of the year list, and with good reason! Badfinger-esque in-your-face guitars and vocal harmonies blend with softer shifting harmonies more reminiscent of XTC. His latest, New Songs, Old Stories, continues in similar vein and rocks even harder! Fans of artists from The Raspberries to The Velvet Underground will also appreciate this one, and we appreciate that he and his band have played the IPO festival in many cities throughout the world!
The Great Affairs – After three releases in as many years, The Great Affairs have recently released the aptly-titled 4 EP, seven more tunes in the patented Tom Petty & Cheap Trick-inspired, rootsy pop-rock vein that has become their calling card. With 4, the band have set aside some of the acoustic-driven tendencies of their previous outings, relying instead on a slightly heavier guitar sound, with splashes of Hammond organ, piano, and percussion throughout to assist in the further realization this new sonic ambition. Definitely one of Nashville’s finest power pop bands!
Jeremy – He’s one of the most genuine, nicest people on the pop scene, as well as one of the most prolific pop artists around. He can move from gentle, John Lennon-esque pop to psychedelic rock in the blink of an eye, all the while retaining a palpable spirituality, something you can hear for yourself on all of his CDs. This Michiganian can stake his rightful place in the IPO Hall Of Fame as he played more IPO shows than just about anyone!
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop – Hailing from the unlikely hamlet of Kingsburg, California, this ensemble uses just about every instrument under the sun to create some bizarre, witty, quirky, yet ultimately melodic sounds, and have become an IPO fan favorite from LA to Liverpool! Their latest CD, Teasers from the Whispermaphone, is a rollicking romp through a Seuss-ian soundscape painted by Frank Zappa! Definitely something a little bit different!
Kevin Martin – Martin may be best known in some circles as the keyboardist and co-writer of San Diego pop stars, Get Back Loretta, who have won a total of six San Diego Music Awards! His solo music is what he calls “Throwback Pop” – which takes his modern flair for performance and combines it with his love of vintage piano-pop stylings. With a debut album also called Throwback Pop, which has been described as “Burt Bacharach meets Queen meets Elton John,” throwback is a good thing indeed!
The Naked Chollas – If you long for the heyday of a real band that plays real instruments that can sing and actually have melody and some killer harmonies, then you need to listen no further then The Naked Chollas. Their critically acclaimed 1998 Let’s Go! CD is considered by many to be a desert powerpop classic, and we at IPO are thrilled that they’re reformed and back at doing their thing – and these boys from Tempe can still do it better than just about anyone!
Scott Samuels – A rock ‘n roll survivor from Oceanside with lots of stories to tell. Throughout his life, Samuels’ love for rock ‘n roll’s “hidden treasure,” and his unique ability to recount the quirkiest milestones of life, love and career, has fueled his songwriting and performances, including those at IPO with his band, Roxy Monoxide. Samuels is now mining the rich history of his musical and personal past and present with the release of his first full-length solo CD, Great Big World. Fans of Elvis Costello, The Plimsouls, and The Raspberries should check this one out!

International Artists

The JAC (feat. Herb Eimerman & Nelson Bragg) – The JAC is the musical brainchild of Joe Algeri, a songwriter and producer from Perth, Western Australia (!), who is also a member of Jack & The Beanstalk and The Britannicas. Whether kooky, punky, new wave, powerpoppy, or jangly, Algeri never fails to make a melodic imprint that’s impossible to resist, and we’re honored to have him back at IPO for the first time since year number one, 1998…and we’re also honored to host his special guests! Check out the JAC’s debut album, Faux Pas, and watch for the soon to be release, Whether I’m Arthur Or Martha!