IPO Toronto 2013

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Artists From Toronto

The 905’s – The 905’s are blasting out of the suburbs with high energy powerpop and punk-wave rock ‘n roll. It’s sleek, it’s fast, and it’s fun! In the grand tradition of fellow Canadians Teenage Head, and likeminded bands such as The Buzzcocks, Stiv Bators, and Johnny Thunders, The 905’s are here to get the party rockin’! If you want to sing along, dance, stomp your feet, or pump your fists in the air, check out their latest CD, Breakout, and their IPO showcase!
Monique Angele – An emerging singer/songwriter whose music can be categorized as a combination of classical and pop styles, which she officially names “bel canto pop.” Her versatile style portrays pianistic finesse and soaring vocals that fans of artists such as Elton John, Queen and Rufus Wainright are sure to appreciate!
Big Name Actors – If you miss the halcyon days of ‘90s powerpop, look no further than this power-trio who capture those influences and twist them into something completely their own. Their music has been aptly described as Halifax power-pop meets Seattle grunge in a dark Toronto bar, catchy and upbeat but with an abrasive dark side. Fans of The Posies should definitely check out their latest EP, Part Time Friends!
Broomfiller – This four-piece heavy alternative punk sonic fury has been compared to such bands as Bad Religion, Face to Face, Millencolin, Husker Du, and Foo Fighters. The hook-filled catchy songs on their debut CD, Enter The Storm, with melodic vocals, soothing bass lines and rhythmic drumming is a blend of music, style and performance which enables them to truly stand out. The band is currently in pre-production for a new full length album, so you can expect an even fuller and intricately melodic sound.
James Clark Institute – The musical outlet of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist James Clark, described as “…a witty, concise and sometimes acerbic lyricist with moving, memorable and often hilarious songs.” (Blair Packham – Producer; Singer/Songwriter; Composer; Educator; and performer at several past IPOs). Their recent five-song EP, Son of a Sideshow, is a companion piece to 2008’s Sideshow Unattraction, with songs that range from pretty folk ditties to vaudevillian quirky pop that will appeal to fans of John Lennon, Neil Finn, and Elvis Costello. They’ve also just released their first ever 7” single on shiny black vinyl, so come to the show and check it out now!
Clockwise – Check out any of their awesome full-length releases or their latest single, Sugar Coat It (on spiffy 7” vinyl!), and you’ll be instantly hooked! Their sound is influenced by Elvis Costello, The Kinks, Joe Jackson and Squeeze, tempered with more contemporary artists like Crowded House and The Beautiful South, and they efficiently crank out three and a half minute pop songs with hooks that will stick with you long after that initial investment in time has been spent. Their classic Toronto powerpop style fit right in at The World Famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, where they joined us for IPO four years in a row, and we’re very glad they did!
Dewey Truman – The current musical outlet of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Lamont James, and an artist that fans of hooky powerpop of all shapes and sizes NEED to hear for themselves! His style runs the gamut from the classic powerpop style of Big Star or Cheap Trick to the more orchestrated variety of Burt Bacharach or The Partridge Family to the quirky new wave punk pop of The B-52s! Definitely an artist and band after IPO’s heart!
Andy Griffiths – A Toronto-based pop rock/folk singer/songwriter who writes from gut feeling and personal experience. His latest album, Mind On Other Things, draws on influences such as The Beatles, Crowded House, The Verve, and Tom Petty, featuring an enticing mix of East Coast folk with more rocking folk edged powerpop. Check it out now!
The Histrionics – If The Beatles had a 3-some with GBV and The New Pornographers, their love children would be The Histrionics. Combining sardonic, acerbic lyrics with upbeat pop sensibilities, this band draws on a variety of influences to create instant pop classics. Fans of ELO and Randy Newman will also dig these guys!
Jetcoaster – A groovy piano pop-rock band from Toronto, who blend in just a touch of acoustic rock for variety. Fans of artists from Elton John to Randy Newman to Steely Dan to James Taylor should check out their latest disc, Love Is Trying To Find You!
The Kings – Remember “This Beat Goes On”/”Switchin’ To Glide,” the huge radio hit of the early ‘80s? Well, it was by this Toronto band, and they’re back with a renewed vigor (if you’ve seen their amazing shows at other IPOs you’ll know what I mean!) and a DVD, , including a new video of their classic hit plus rare documentary footage and 17 other songs! Long time fans and new initiates will also want to check out their recent Bullseye Records CD, Because Of You! We’re always honored to have this band at IPO!
The Nines – The band who exemplify everything you love about sophisticated three-minute pop songs! Two of their previous CDs, Properties of Sound and Wonderworld of Colourful were both instant favorites, and have earned comparisons to The Beatles, Jellyfish, and ELO. The Nines have collaborated over the years with power pop artists Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, the Grays), Bleu (L.E.O), John Adams (John Cage, Neil Young), Andy Partridge (XTC), and more! The new self-titled album proves that they have not lost a step! We’ve been honored to have them at IPOs in LA and New York, but are especially honored to have them play IPO in their home town, once again!
Oscar Tango – A band here to prove that great pop rock as embodied in the power trio is very much alive and kicking, with a sound featuring punchy guitars and catchy melodies, with a few cool tempo shifts and bursts of vocal harmonies to boot – fans of Thin Lizzy, Squeeze, or Joe Jackson are sure to dig it! Check out their two fine EPs, Oscar Tango Volume 1 and Oscar Tango Volume 2, and (like us) you’ll be eagerly awaiting a full length!
Neil Traynor – He may hail from modern day Toronto, but his music is heavily steeped in the vibe and sound of ’60s California sunshine pop meets British Invasion rock ‘n roll. His August Sun CD will have you totally hooked in just one listen!
The Reply – Main men James Bond (!) and Carl Nanders created The Reply from two principles: 1) play soulful, meaningful music and 2) no bullshit; only room for people who know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Fans of classic in your face soul artists such as Edwin Starr, Sly and the Family Stone, and Booker T & the MGs will agree these guys deliver the goods and then some! Check out their very aptly named debut EP, Downtown Soul, and hear for yourself!
The Snows – Proof that catchy melodies can coexist with sophisticated songwriting, as can a guitar-heavy indie sensibility with pristine vocals. Resurrected from the ashes of Swedish Fish, with a new album, More Than I Can Tell You—to go with a new sound and a new outlook!
Social Potion – Take some pleasantly catchy melodies, add heartfelt lyrics and innovative drum beats, and the result is Social Potion – a Toronto indie alt-pop duo with a very full sound. The singles “Drive Myself Home” and “Cordelia,” from their debut self-titled EP, are currently getting airplay on numerous online radio stations and podcasts. Imagine if The Carpenters were transported to today and had a more indie rock edge, and you get the idea…or better yet, come check out their IPO showcase!
Spare Parts – IPO is honored to host the 20th anniversary reunion show for this band, known for both spirited covers and their own quirky powerpop! Spare Parts was created by ex-members of The Life, Moving Targetz and Doc Rock & The Wildbunch. From the Fall of 1993 through the Fall of 1998 they performed over 100 shows throughout southern Ontario, and we can’t wait to see ‘em rock once more!
T.C. Folkpunk – IPO AKA the project of Timothy Cameron, bass player of indie popsters The James Clark Institute (see above). His latest solo CD, Lo-Fi Hi-Jinx, is a bit more raw, bringing to mind such artists as The Clash, Billy Bragg, or Tom Robinson. He also has the unique distinction that one of his songs, “American Dream,” has become part of the curriculum in a high school class in Germany, which is studying the recent impact of American culture on the outside world!
Julian Troiano – If his last name sounds familiar, it may be due to the fact that he’s the nephew of legendary Canadian guitarist, Domenic Troiano. However, young Julian is quickly becoming a singer/songwriter to be reckoned with in his own right. He was recently awarded a full scholarship to the famed Metalworks Institute, and is in pre-production for his first EP (scheduled to be released later this fall!). Fans of classic R&B/Pop artists with smooth vocals, such as Lionel Richie, Al Green, or Lenny Kravitz will love Troiano and his band!
Kevin Wong – A Toronto area singer/songwriter whose third studio LP, aptly titled Songs For The Weekend, focuses on an exploration of the emotions, activities, epiphanies, and moments that comprise weekends – the moments we look forward to and the gong shows that accidentally happen. His style is an eclectic blend of pop, soul, jazz, and rock influences. Fans of Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and Billy Joel will dig it!
Xprime – The Xprime experience is truly one that needs to be seen live to believe. The band has spent the last four years perfecting their diverse sound, and their explosive performances transform casual listeners into life-long fans. No matter what side of the musical spectrum you fall on, these charismatic, high-energy boys are guaranteed to win your heart. If you come to their IPO show, you just might also be treated to some guest lead vocals by none other than pop music legend, Bob Segarini!

Canadian Artists From Outside Of Toronto

The Foreign Films – Like the soundtrack to a distant summer, The Foreign Films create cinematic songs that remind us of our past while we contemplate our future. Their recent EP, Fire From Spark, consists of four new songs that capture the high energy from their live performances, seamlessly weaving subtle measures of ‘60s psych pop, UK northern soul and ‘80s new wave. Very cool!
The Marvelous Beauhunks – A band from Oshawa who play some of the best Britpop made outside of Britain! Catchy melodies with just the right balance between jangle and rock with a touch of mod will remind you of such bands as The Jam, The Stone Roses, and The Clash…check out their recent EP Who Said The Kids Are Alright and enjoy for yourself!
The Maysides – Hailing from all over south east Ontario, and derived from members of the band All For Nothing, The Rare English and The Autumn Crush, The Maysides moves forward with an eclectic blend of high energy punk/pop, indie/rock. Their Evicted EP is instantly addictive…fans of artists such as Blink182, Gaslight Anthem and The Offspring will surely dig it!
Thought Beneath Film – A five-piece rock n’ roll band from Hamilton who take their name from an Emily Dickinson poem, which speaks to the unseen interpretations that can be found by looking in a “different light.” Bend your ear one-way and you may hear sterling hook-driven, guitar pop; bend it another and you may discover a band with a penchant for noise-inflicted pop. The myriad of influences and touchstones taken at face value make their music completely relatable, but the initial unseen layers make them their own musical concoction. The eleven songs on their debut full length opus, Cartographers, promise to be the soundtrack to your wild, restless nights and your woozy, dreamy mornings after…watch for it in early 2014!