IPO Tel Aviv 2017

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Artists From Tel Aviv

Yoav Arbel – We were instantly addicted the moment we heard this artist, and we think you will be too! His blend of sweeping arrangements and power pop hooks set to a driving combination of chord progressions and steady backbeat is a classic pop-lover’s dream! Fans of artists from George Harrison to Brian Wilson to Elton John and ELO need to check out his recent One Way to Alex EP (from which one of the songs, “Doesn’t Matter What”, appeared on last year’s IPO CD) and his IPO showcase!
Adi Keshet Cohen – Cohen may be known to some in the Tel Aviv alt-pop circle as the leader of BearMoonTree, whose debut self-titled EP was released in 2016. Her sound has been described as fitting “[i]n the space between Radiohead in their rock-mood or PJ Harvey in her calm moments…with a tinge of black soul, and even some dream-rock with female voice floating over guitar sounds…” (Columbus Magazine). She’s joined for her IPO performance by Yoav Arbel (see above) on drums, so this will be something truly special that you will not want to miss!
The Corridors – A band from Tel Aviv who’ve spent a considerable amount of time in London, and bring a unique combination of Chill Out and Electronic sounds mixed into their music, which – make no mistake – can really rock when it wants to! “…Why unique? Because their sound is made up of a multitude of instruments and sounds creating something contemporary, alternative and upbeat at the same time. Imagine INXS crossed with U2 and throw in Placebo or Smashing Pumpkins, you get one awesome mix. These guys are a real pleasure to listen to. Vocally Fantastic. Lyrically Brilliant and the music is ace” (Rockbandom Magazine) Their recent End Of The Times album takes their sound to a whole other level, with soaring harmonies, haunting soundscapes, and intimate, relatable lyrics!
Cub Trio – Although The Blues are typically considered an American music form from whence spawned rock n’ roll, Cub Trio is here to prove that Israel is also home to some great rockin’ folk n’ Blues! In fact, Cub Trio come to IPO hot off their performance at The Israeli Blues Challenge Road to Memphis, sponsored by The Israeli Blues Society! Check them out!
Avishai Efrat (of the 1840s) – IPO is honored to host a special solo performance by the main man of glam psych rockers, the 1840s! The band’s recent album, The Eighteen-Forties, channels influences from Bowie, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles to T Rex and The Sweet, so we can’t wait to see and hear what Efrat does for his solo IPO showcase!
Sharon Kantor – The leader of one of Tel Aviv’s most widely recognized modern pop punk bands, The Girls, Kantor’s songwriting blends rollicking classic rock riffs with ‘80s inflected girl group pop punk hooks. Imagine a 3-headed love child of The Rolling Stones, The Bangles, and The Pretenders…or better yet, check out The Girls’ latest album, Sick of Seeking, and Kantor’s special IPO solo performance!
Men of North Country – The band emerged from Tel Aviv’s soul scene, bringing with them a fresh approach to creating the perfect three-minute soul nugget. Their latest album, This City, is an album rippling with memorable melodies, infectious hooks and refreshingly honest lyrics, which portray the band’s love of a genre in which they truly excel. Their influences are worn with pride: The Teardrop Explodes, Style Council and Dexy’s, but with an approving nod towards their ‘60s favourites: Al Wilson, Robert Parker and Gloria Jones. It’s no surprise that they’ve been one of our favorite Israeli bands of the past few years, so we’re thrilled to finally have them play IPO!!
Daniel Nahmod – Whether you like pastoral folk pop, baroque pop, or prog rock, you owe it to yourself to check out the music of Daniel Nahmod. With sweeping, sometimes melancholic melodies, borrowing influences from both classical music and soft pop, and an intimate folk rock troubadour vocal style, his songs are sure to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Check out his IPO showcase to hear for yourself! He’s also the guitar player for The Corridors (see above)!
Taani Ester – If you want to know the definition of power pop ear candy, the music of Taani Ester is all you need to know! Think The Beatles meet Pink Floyd meet Squeeze…or better yet, check out both of their fine albums and their IPO showcase!!
Vegan Friendly – A rock trio who are the powerful result of three leading names in the Tel Aviv Indie/Rock Scene, Geva Alon, Jango and Assaf Riess, joining together to create a new group that reflects an impressive musical freedom and innovation. Each well known for their solo careers, the three came together to create their own music style crafted together during live sessions and jams. From stoner rock to psychedelic pop to rock n’ roll, each song takes its own journey through genre and atmosphere, all wrapped in a ragged package of sophisticated guitars and energetic rhythm section.