London 2013

Schedule Subject To Change


Friday, May 24:
156 Pentonville Road
0207 561 0030

6:30 Mick Terry
7:15 Statuesque
8:00 Semion
8:45 Spygenius
9:30 Phenomenal Cat
10:15 Mothboxer
11:00 The Lightwings
Saturday, May 25:
156 Pentonville Road
0207 561 0030

2:00 Glenn Aitken
2:45 Nigel Thomas
3:30 Emma Stevens
4:15 nrwy
5:00 The 286
5:45 King Bathmat
6:30 Nathan Persad
7:15 Three Minute Tease
8:00 Wendy Ip
8:45 The Silver Factory
9:30 Ben Jones and The Rifle Volunteers
10:15 The Len Price 3
11:00 Et Tu Brucé


Sunday, May 26:
156 Pentonville Road
0207 561 0030

2:00 Steve Somerset:- The Man From The Shadow Kabinet
2:45 Dave Rave
3:30 Mark Mikel
4:15 These Reigning Days
5:00 Shush
5:45 Ellamore
6:30 Shake 101
7:15 The Reflections
8:00 The Penguin Party
8:45 Maria Evangelou
9:30 The Past Tense
10:15 The Provisos
11:00 The Soundcasters


Thank yous must go out to: Alex MacHorton; Alice James and Surya; Steve Stanley; Jim Horan; Adam Moore; Jerry Lindman and Lecompton Alternate; Howard Dean, Laura Dean and Progressive Print Solutions; Spygenius; Bob Kelly; all the members of the media who helped support International Pop Overthrow this year-I don’t yet know who you are, but both you and I will by the time this is printed! Thank you also to everyone who advertised, as well as all who contributed words of wisdom. Last but not least, I want to thank Rina Bardfield for all of her love and support.
I must reserve a huge thank you to Jean Catharell, without whom IPO Liverpool (and, therefore, IPO London) would not have been a reality. Everyone associated with International Pop Overthrow UK owes her a great deal of gratitude.
A special thanks must go to every artist who is playing International Pop Overthrow, and to every fan who is supporting them. You are the heart that beats proudly in the worldwide pop music community.